Truth Or Dare? #10

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Me: "@I_AM_DAUNTLESSCAKE dares Aqua to ask Aries out."

Aquarius: *sighs* "Aries, will you go out with me?"

Aries: "Nope. HAHAHAHA!!"

Aquarius: *rolls eyes*

Me: "@I_AM_DAUNTLESSCAKE dares Scorpio to ask Pisces out."

Scorpio: "Will you go out with me, Pisces?"

Pisces: *giggles* "Of course."

Scorpio and Pisces: *kisses*

Me: "@mikruska asks everyone: 'if you needed to kill 10 zodiac signs, which one would you save?' You get to start, Aries."

Aries: *sighs* "Why do I always have to start?"

Me: "'Cause your the first sign."

Aries: *groans* "I'd save Aquarius, since he/she's the least annoying."

Taurus: "I'd save Cancer." *smiles at Cancer*

Cancer: *smiles back*

Gemini: "I'd save Leo, since he/she's my best buddy."

Cancer: "I'd definitely save Taurus."

Leo: "I'd save Gemini, since he/she's ma bud."

Libra: "Why do you never choose meeeee?!"

Virgo: "I'd save Capricorn."

Libra: "I would still save you, Leo!" *squeezes Leo*

Leo: *groans*

Scorpio: "Pisces." *smiles at Pisces*

Pisces: *smiles back* *blushes*

Sagittarius: "I'd save Libra."

Capricorn: "Virgo."

Aquarius: "Aries."

Pisces: "Scorpi!" *hugs Scorpio*

Me: "@TheOtakuGeek dares Capricorn and Virgo to prank any sign."

Virgo and Capricorn: *whispers to each other*

Virgo: "We need a minute." *walks away with Capricorn*

-- A minute later --

*Gemini's phone rings*

Gemini: *picks up phone* "Hello?"

Virgo: "Hello, this is Slenderman. I just wanted to tell you that..." (creepy) "...your next..."

Gemini: (sternly) "Serisously, Virg? That's the best you can do."

Capricorn: "Who's Virg...?"

Gemini: *rolls eyes* *hangs up*

Virgo and Capricorn: *comes back* *pouts*

Me: "@GoldenGirls1134 dares Virgo to kiss Capricorn."

Virgo and Capricorn: *blushes*

Virgo: *kisses Capricorn*

Capricorn: *kisses back*

Virgo and Capricorn: *kisses longer than planned*

Leo: "Uh, I have to go do something!" *rushes to bathroom* (from bathroom) "Ooh, another penny!"

Aries: "Seriously, Leo?!"

Me: *clears throat loudly*

Virgo and Capricorn: *stops kissing* *blushes deeply*

Me: "Ok... @excellences dares Pisces, Cancer, Taurus and Libra to do the splits."

Libra: "No problem!" *does split* "Ta-da!"

Leo: *walks in* *sees Libra and eyes widens* *rushes back to bathroom*

Aries: "Seriously, Leo?!"

Taurus: "I can try..." *tries splits but fails* "Nope. Not happening."

Cancer: *tries splits but fails* *whimpers*

Pisces: *laughs nervously* "Do I have to?"

Everyone: *nods*

Pisces: *sighs* *tries splits and doesn't fail*

Me: "What were you so worried about? You did it perfectly fine!"

Pisces: "I didn't think I could do it..."

Me: "Anyway, AngelicZodiacs dares Capricorn to give Cancer a piggyback ride, or Sagittarius to do Libra's hair."

Cancer: "Piggyback ride!!"

Capricorn: *sighs* "Fine..." *gives Cancer piggyback ride around the house*

Cancer: "Whoo!"

Me: "That's all for now. Remember to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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