Virgo (f) x Yandere! Libra (m): No Going Back

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Virgo heard footsteps behind her and turned around, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. No one else was around, yet she had the feeling that another presence was nearby.

The fact that it was dark out wasn't really helping. Virgo had been studying at the library for a while and it was getting late, so she had decided to head home.

She brought her gaze back to in front of her, instantly gasping as a familiar boy had stopped in front of her.

"Hi, Virgo-chan!" He greeted happily. His sky blue eyes were wide in excitement, and a large smile stretched across his face. The way the wind moved Libra's brown hair made him look even more adorable. Virgo could basically see neko ears popping out of his hair.

"Where ya going, Virgo-senpai?" Libra asked cheerfully.

Virgo hadn't even heard Libra approach her, he had walked up so silently. Virgo assumed it wasn't a big deal. What she should've been worrying about, was what Libra was even doing out this late on a school night. School was finished a long time ago, and there wasn't any parties or gatherings going on, plus, Libra didn't even live in that neighborhood, so what he was doing there was unknown to Virgo.

"I'm on my way home," Virgo replied.

"Great! I'll walk you!" Libra insisted, his smile widening as he grabbed Virgo's hand. Virgo didn't want to hurt Libra's feelings, so she let Libra hold her hand despite her discomfort and blush.

They continued down the road, hand-in-hand. Libra was more than happy, while Virgo was silently hoping that he'd let go, but he showed no sign of that anytime soon.

"How was studying, Virgo-chan?" Libra asked, his eyes fixated forward and a smile still plastered on his face. Libra's comment made Virgo's heart beat faster. Virgo hadn't even told Libra where she had been.

"O-oh, it was fine," Virgo replied, growing a little scared of the boy next to her. Maybe Libra had been stalking her? Or maybe he just assumed that Virgo would be studying?

"That's great, Virgo-chan!" Libra exclaimed. "I wish nothing more than for you to be happy!" Luckily for Virgo, her house wasn't too far away, so she was standing outside her home in no time.

"Well... Here it is," Virgo said, her gaze locked on her house. She slipped her hand away from Libra's grip and quickly went inside, shutting the door and breathing out in relief, not bothering to even say goodbye.

A smirk stretched across Libra's face and his eyes darkened. "And now I know..."


Libra stood at the other side of the street opposite to Virgo's house with a rose, waiting for her. He had been waiting for a good ten minutes, and was growing inpatient. He looked down at his watch, seeing how it was quarter after seven in the morning.

"She should be out soon..." He muttered, knowing Virgo left to school forty-five minutes before school started. He flinched when he heard a door open, bringing his gaze up and seeing Virgo step out of her house with her book bag on her back.

A smile crossed Libra's face as he quickly hid behind one of houses, watching Virgo's every move as she closed her door and started walking down the street.

Virgo couldn't shake away the feeling of being watched, and tried picking up her pace.

"Virgo-chan!" Virgo mentally sighed as she turned around slowly, seeing how Libra had ran up to her, pretending he hadn't been stalking her. His smile grew as he held out the flower to Virgo. "For you, Virgo-senpai!"

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