Truth Or Dare? #6

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Me: "@DeniseSiah22 dares Scorpio to kiss Pisces, and Pisces to kiss back."

Scorpio: *kisses Pisces*

Pisces: *blushes* *kisses back*

Me: "Ok, that's enough."

Scorpio and Pisces: *pulls away*

Me: "@DeniseSiah22 dares Aquarius to kiss Aries."

Aquarius and Aries: "WHAT?!"

Leo: "Just do it already."

Aquarius: *blushes* *kisses Aries quickly*

Gemini: "Come on, that was barely even a kiss!"

Aquarius: *blushes deeper* *kisses Aries*

Aries: *blushes* *kisses back*

Aquarius and Aries: *kisses longer than planned*

Taurus: "Um... Ok, we've seen enough."

Aquarius and Aries: *pulls away* *blushes*

Me: "@Aneesa3211 asks Virgo which college do you want to go to."

Virgo: "Harvard, without a doubt."

Leo: *coughs* "Nerd." *coughs*

Virgo: "I heard that."

Me: "@Aneesa3211 dares Virgo to rip your favorite book."

Virgo: *gasps* "No..."

Me: "Sorry, Virgo."

Virgo: "Why does everyone always want me to ruin my books...?" *rips a page slightly* *whimpers* "My poor baby..."

Me: "@Aneesa3211 also dares Aquarius to kiss Libra."

Aquarius: *kisses Libra quickly*

Gemini: "Seriously, do you not know how to kiss?!"

Leo: "He/she proved different a second ago." *smirks at Aries*

Aries: *rolls eyes*

Aquarius: *kisses Libra slightly longer*

Libra: "Don't worry, Leo. I'll always love you more." *squeezes Leo*

Leo: *sighs* "Of course you do."

Me: "AngelicZodiacs dares Aries to give three compliments to Gemini."

Gemini: "Yes!!"

Aries: *groans* "Your not the ugliest sign, your not my least favorite sign, your not the most annoying sign."

Gemini: "That's it?"

Sagittarius: "Be happy with that. That's the best your ever gonna get from him/her."

All the other signs: *nods*

Gemini: *sighs* "Fine, whatever."

Me: "AngelicZodiacs dares Taurus to put on makeup without looking at a mirror."

Taurus: *groans*

~~Two minutes later~~

Taurus: *sighs* "Finished..."

Everyone else: *laughs as hard as possible*

Taurus: "Haha, very funny." *crosses arms*

Me: "Last dare is for Aquarius. @FreakyTroll910 dares you to dance to Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae)."

Aquarius: *sighs* "I'll do it..." *starts dancing to it*

Everyone else: *laughs as hard as possible*


Me: "Ok, that's enough for now. Remember to comment or PM me truths or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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