Truth Or Dare? #31

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Me: @_Penguins_1996_ dares Aquarius to tell us what happened in the closet with Pisces, and if he/she doesn't, Scorpio has to torture him/her until he/she tells.

Aquarius: *smirks at Scorpio* We made out, and afterwards, he/she told me I was a better kisser than Scorpio.

Scorpio: *trembles in anger* *is mentally stabbing Aquarius over and over again*

Pisces: *blushes deeply* We did not! *tears up* He/she's lying! *cries*

Scorpio: *glares at Aquarius* You made my boy/girlfriend cry! *hugs Pisces*

Me: That was just mean, Aqua...

Aquarius: *shrugs happily* I know.

Me: Anyway, @_Penguins_1996_ dares Pisces to act like he/she doesn't know  and that Aquarius is his/her boy/girlfriend.

Pisces: I don't want to pretend to be together with that jerk! *points at Aquarius and cries*

Aquarius: I'll give you candy.

Pisces: *instantly stops crying and walks over to Aquarius, who interlocks their hands proudly* *blushes slightly*

Scorpio: *growls angrily*

Me: @_Penguins_1996_ dares Scorpio to tell what he/she would to if Taurus was his/her boy/girlfriend instead of Pisces.

Scorpio: I'd break up with him/her and get back to Pisces.

Me: @_Penguins_1996_ dares Scorpio to say if Pisces didn't exist, would be/she be dating Author-Chan? *blushes slightly* *looks around awkwardly*

Scorpio: *crosses arms and looks away while blushing* (mutters) I don't know...

Me: I mean, I am a Pisces~! *wiggles eyebrows*

Scorpio: *blushes deeper* Pisces is the only one for me...

Pisces: *tears up* That's so beautiful... *remembers he/she is supposed to act like he/she doesn't know Scorpio* I-I mean, I didn't hear anything! *looks around frantically*

Me: Anyway, PrincessElisha9 dares Pisces and Aquarius to get together.

Scorpio: Seriously, does no one ship me with Pisces anymore?!


Me: Anyway, PrincessElisha9 also dares Pisces to give Scorpio a bath.

Pisces: *chokes on spit* WHAT?!?! *blushes deeply*

Scorpio: Ohonhonhon~! *smirks, while blushing slightly*

Me: Um, there's a bathroom down the hall... You guys just go finish up...

*Scorpio leads the blushing Pisces to the bathroom*

Me: *clears throat awkwardly* Anyway, @rainstyle dares Libra to control the signs for five minutes.

Libra: *smiles insanely*

Leo: HELP ME! *hugs me and looks at me pleadingly* He/she can be so mean! *cries*

Libra: LEO!

Leo: *flinches* *looks back at Libra while trembling*

Libra: *grins insanely* Go find a pink tutu, put it on, then dance like a ballerina for me.

Leo: *runs off to God knows where*

Libra: Taurus, Cancer and Virgo... Go make me a three course meal!

*Taurus, Cancer and Virgo runs off to kitchen*

Libra: Aquarius, I want you to go help Pisces wash Scorpio.

Aquarius: *chocks on spit* HELL NAH--! *sees Libra's death glare and runs off to the bathroom*

Libra: Aries, Gemini, Capricorn and Sagittarius... FETCH ME MY THRONE!


*All the signs are past at on the ground, except for Pisces, Aquarius and Scorpio - who had just finished with the bathroom - and Libra, who was still sitting on his/her throne proudly*

Me: Well, that's all for now. Don't forget to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs (or me, if you want). Until next time, bye bye~!

*No answer*

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