Truth Or Dare? #18

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Me: "@Aneesa3211 dares Scorpio to go outside and scream: 'I am very gay today'."

Scorpio: *jaw drops* *blushes*

Aquarius: "You scared or somethin'?" *smirks*

Scorpio: "Pfft, no." *walks outside* "I AM VERY GAY TODAY!!"

Random girl: *looks at Scorpio weirdly* *pulls son away*

Scorpio: *walks back inside*

Everybody else: *laughs so hard their sides hurt*

Me: *wipes fake tear* "Anyway, @Aneesa3211 dares Pisces to make out with anyone other than Scorpio."

Scorpio: *scowls*

Pisces: *blushes* "W-who?"

Aquarius: (very eagerly) "Me~!" *smirks*

Scorpio: *glares at Aquarius* *turns to me* "Please anyone but him/her!"

Aquarius: *wiggles eyebrows at Scorpio*

Scorpio: *growls*

Aquarius: *smirks and grabs Pisces* *kisses him/her*

Pisces: *eyes widens* *blushes* *kisses back*

-- time skip 'cause...this is getting awkward for me... --

Me: "Ok, we've seen enough."

Pisces and Aquarius: *stops kissing*

Scorpio: *looks down sadly*

Pisces: *hugs Scorpio*

Me: "@Aneesa3211 dares Capricorn to slap Virgo."

Capricorn: *slaps Virgo instantly as hard as he/she possibly could*

Gemini: "Damn, you really put some feelings into that."

Virgo: *rubs swollen cheek* "Ow..."

Capricorn: *looks away angrily*

Me: "Ok, you guys obviously have something going on that I'm not getting myself into, so anyway, @Aneesa3211 dares Aries to not yell or do anything bad for the rest of the chapter."

Aries: "WHAT THE FU--"

Gemini: "Are you the type of person to back down on a dare?"

Aries: "...No."

Me: "@aestheticllama dares Aries and Gemini to tell us what happened in the closet when we played 7 minutes in heaven."

Gemini: *instantly blushes*

Aries: *smirks but tried to hide it* "He/she made a move on me."

Gemini: "DID NOT! He/she made a move on me!" *blushes deeper*

Me: "Anyway, that's all for now. Comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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