300k Special: Without Internet

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[published August 1st 2017]


I know some people use "they" for stories like these, but I'll just use "(s)he" and things like that XD



All the signs turned around to look at Leo, who had a look of utter horror spread across their face, his/her face pale and eyes wide in panic before (s)he continued,


Scorpio was the first to react; (s)he made a long high-pitched screech, before falling onto the floor unconscious. A few moments after, all of the signs started screaming in terror, running around frantically.

Cancer and Pisces were desperately trying to wake Scorpio up, Taurus was violently banging his/her head into the wall – almost cracking it, Gemini and Aries started a brawl, Libra and Sagittarius cried as they held onto each other, Aquarius had disappeared, Leo cried dramatically on the floor, while Capricorn and Virgo sat on the sofa, too shocked to do anything.

Capricorn looked over at Virgo. "You're taking this surprisingly well--"

Capricorn was cut off by Virgo letting out the same high-pitched screech as Scorpio, falling off the couch and passing out on the floor.

"Guys--!!" Cancer yelled, trying to get everyone's attention. Everyone continued doing what they were doing, causing Pisces to stand up.


(Levi is that you?!)

Everyone stopped what they were doing, looking over at Pisces with frightened expressions. Pisces sent an innocent smile to Cancer, who couldn't help but feel a bit scared as well as (s)he stood up.

"We've witnessed a terrible loss today, but we need to remain calm!"

"HoW aRe We SuPpOsEd To StAy CaLm?!" Taurus shrieked, obviously having hit his/her head too many times.

"R.I.P wifi," Libra said, wiping away a tear as (s)he held onto Sagittarius.

"Virgo and Scorpio are dead and I'm DEAD ON THE INSIDE," Leo cried, hugging onto Capricorn's arm dramatically.

"We've gotta be able to come up with things to do without the internet," Capricorn pointed out, looking over at Cancer and Pisces who nodded in response.

"Like..." Gemini started, gulping loudly in fear. "Socializing...?"

Everyone instantly let out a gasp, and Virgo – who had just woken back up – passed out again.

"Well, yeah," Cancer agreed. "We live together, how hard can it be to just talk?"

"You're right," Capricorn agreed. Long story short, all the signs gathered up in the living room, bringing Virgo and Scorpio's unconscious bodies and finding Aquarius.

An awkward silence washed over all of the signs, no one knowing what to say.

"Why is socializing so hard?!" Aries cried, hugging onto Leo and digging his/her face into Leo's neck.

(That would be a beautiful bromance 😌)

"Why don't we just watch a movie instead?" Taurus suggested, putting on a nervous smile to hide the agony. After the rest agreed, Taurus walked over to the TV and clicked on the "on" button. After nothing happened, Taurus fell to the ground, fainting.

"We can't even watch movies?!" Libra cried, causing multiple other signs to cry along with him/her.

"NO NETFLIX?!" Virgo screeched, having woken up again, just to pass out again.

"NO ANIME?!" Pisces screeched, hugging onto Libra as they cried together.

"P-please stay calm!" Leo exclaimed, trying to get everyone's attention. "T-there's still plenty of things we can do!"

Everyone looked over at Leo, waiting for him/her to continue. Leo chuckles nervously.

"Like, um..." Leo was silent for a moment, trying to think of suggestions. "At least we have each other!"

"THAT'S NOT THE SAME," Cancer sobbed, turning towards Pisces and Libra. "PISCES, HOLD ME"

"Maybe we can actually leave the house for once?" Gemini suggested, looking over at the signs nervously.

"Bruh, I haven't been out of this house in four months," Aquarius explained.

"Well then what are we gonna do??" Sagittarius asked.

"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE," Aries screamed, still hugging onto Leo. Sagittarius joined the hug, holding onto Aries.

"I'm dead inside," Aquarius said, laying on the floor with an expressionless face.

"Same," Scorpio agreed, causing multiple signs to scream, thinking Scorpio was still passed out.

An hour later, all twelve signs laid on the floor, each of them dead inside and showing no emotion. That's when the electricity went out.



I have no idea what I was thinking of while writing this XD

Anyway, if anyone has any short story ideas/prompts, please tell me! :3

- Kate ⭐️

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