That Time Of The Month

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[Published July 12th 2016]

First of all, this is a chapter from my "House Of The Zodiacs" book, so if you like this part, check out that book! :3

Females: Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces
Males: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn



"Should you really be eating all that?"

Taurus looked up from her bag of chips to glare at Gemini and Leo, raising a brow. Taurus was seated on one of the sofas, laying with a blanket wrapped around her while eating a bag of Doritos. There was multiple candy and chip wrappers around her, along with a can of ice cream that was currently melting.

"It's comfort food," Taurus explained as-a-matter-of-factly. "It's for comfort." She dug her face in her Doritos' bag, scarfing down every chip she could grab onto.

"I know what comfort food is," Gemini quickly assured. "I was just wondering about your safety! Eating too much junk food isn't good for you!"

"Today is not the day to be a smartass, Gemini," Taurus warned, her face suddenly becoming dark as a purple aura surrounded her. Gemini and Leo started shivering intensly, their eyes widening in horror.

"W-we weren't being smartasses, T-Taurus!" Leo explained, frantically waving his hands around as he continued to tremble.

"Oh, am I not worth being smart with?" Taurus asked in response, the aura around her only darkening as she glared harder at the two boys in front of her. Both seemed to tremble more, holding onto each other for their dear lives. Before Taurus could strangle anyone, Libra flopped down beside Taurus, grabbing the melted ice cream and stuffing a spoon-full in her mouth.

"I feel like I'm getting stabbed from the inside!" Libra whined with vanilla ice cream in her mouth, bending over in pain as she grabbed a hold of her stomach.

"Tell me about it," Taurus grumbled as she started munching on chips again. Loud sobbing could be heard from another room, before Scorpio walked into the room with a crying Pisces latched onto her.

"Don't leave me!" Pisces sobbed into Scorpio's stomach.

"Stop crying, you stupid crybaby! I-if you cry, I cry...!" Scorpio replied, her voice cracking as she started to tear up. "And it's not because I like you or anything!"

Yelling and furniture breaking could be heard in another room, along with a loud scream. Leo and Gemini rushed out to found out what was going on, and saw Virgo and Aquarius repeatedly hitting Cancer, who was covering his face and trembling.

"W-what's going on in here?" Leo asked, left utterly confused from the scene in front of him.

"They kept fighting and I tried to break them up, but then they started attacking me!" Cancer sobbed as Virgo and Aquarius kept hitting him while yelling creative curse words.

Gemini grabbed a hold of Virgo as Leo grabbed a hold of Aquarius, giving Cancer enough time to run away for his life. Gemini and Leo let go of Virgo and Aquarius, who instantly started attacking each other.

Gemini and Leo looked over at each other — both looking equally confused — as a certain redhead walked in, toothbrush in his mouth. (He's the type to walk around the house while brushing teeth.)


His toothbrush fell out of his mouth and onto the floor, before he quickly rummaged through his jean pockets.

"I need to film this!" He exclaimed, pulling out his iPhone and aiming it towards the two girls. Virgo and Aquarius instantly stopped fighting, and turned their attention towards Aries. The smile faded from his face as he realized the two girls had taken notice to him, and they were not happy.

Just as Aquarius was about to lunge at Aries, he sprinted away, Virgo and Aquarius running after and leaving Gemini and Leo confused. Loud sobbing could be heard from Pisces and Scorpio, obnoxious chewing could be heard from Taurus, and Libra was groaning in agony.

"HOLY FUCK, IT HURTS," Gemini and Leo heard Libra yell in agony. Gemini and Leo then ran to the hallway after hearing a scream, seeing Virgo and Aquarius had gotten a hold of Sagittarius and had pinned him to the ground. Virgo held his arms down as Aquarius left punches at his chest.

"You know, I-- oof! --once dreamt of this," Sagittarius explained through punches. "But it wasn't nearly this violent! And we were naked!" Aquarius instantly started punching harder, both her and Virgo yelling "pervert!" multiple times.

Gemini and Leo stood shocked for a few seconds, before pulling Aquarius and Virgo off Sagittarius and quickly helping him up. Sagittarius turned his head towards Leo and smiled.

"You were there, too! But you kept fucking Gemini."

Leo's entire face turned bright red, as Sagittarius kept his signature bright and oblivious smile.

"Who wouldn't fuck me, I'm hot!" Gemini exclaimed cockily and smirked despite the light shade of pink on his cheeks.

"I second that," Aquarius said and raised a hand, causing Gemini to wink at her. Rushed footsteps could be heard, and a running Capricorn quickly came into view. He ran down the hallway towards the others, panic obvious in his features.


Behind him was the rest of the girls rounding a corner, running after Capricorn while yelling creative curse words and sobbing. Sagittarius, Leo and Gemini instantly turned around and started running with Capricorn, all the girls following behind.

They turned a corner and ran down another hallway, where Aries was showing Cancer the video he took of Virgo and Aquarius. Once they noticed the rest of the boys running and all the girls running after, they quickly started running away too.

They eventually came to a dead end, the only ways being turning around and facing the girls or going downstairs to the basement.

They decided the second option was safer.

After getting down the stairs and locking the door to the basement behind them, the boys were finally safe. The girls could be heard yelling and banging on the door, but at least the boys were finally out of harm's way.

For now.


Sometimes I wonder what I think of while writing... Like when I was describing Sagittarius' dream...

Anyway, something's telling me there needs to be a part 2.

Until next time~!

- Kate ⭐️

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