Truth Or Dare? #2

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Me: "@I_am_not_sure asks Libra who her crush is."

Libra: "Leo-senpai!"

Leo: "Who doesn't like me?" *scoffs*

Me: "@I_am_not_sure dares Gemini to prank call someone."

Gemini: "Hehe..." *pulls out phone and dials a number*

*Virgo's phone starts ringing*

Virgo: *rolls eyes* *doesn't pick up phone*

Gemini: "Aren't you gonna answer it?"

Virgo: "Nope." *crosses arms*

Gemini: "Damn it!" *hangs up* *crosses arms and scowls*

Me: "@ThatOnePerson474 asks everyone who their Zodiac sign OTPs are."

Cancer: "Scorisces!" *squeals*

Pisces: *blushes*

Taurus: "Libreo." ((A/N: I'm just coming up with random ship names!))

Libra: "I ship that too!" *hugs Leo*

Leo: *laughs nervously* "Sagicorn, maybe?"

Capricorn: "Virbra."

Virgo: "I don't have time for boys/girls. But I guess I ship Piscarius."

Scorpio: *scowls*

Pisces: *blushes*

Scorpio: "Virgicorn."

Virgo: "Are you saying that because I ship Piscarius?"

Scorpio: "Wha--No!"

Aries: *scoffs and rolls eyes* "Yeah, whatever. I ship Canscies."

Scorpio: "WHAT?!"

*Everyone stares at Scorpio*

Scorpio: "I-I mean, whatever." *blushes*

Gemini: "I ship Canceo."

Libra: *growls* "Mine!" *squeezes Leo*

Aquarius: "I ship Leotarius."

Sagittarius: "I ship Arini."

Gemini: "Gross."

Pisces: "Cancus!!"

Cancer: *blushes*

Taurus: *blushes*

Scorpio: "I ship Aquareo."

Aquarius: "Your saying that just to get back at me."

Scorpio: "Pfft. Am not!"

Me: "That's all for now. Remember to comment or PM me truths or dares! Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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