Libra (f) x Sagittarius (m): Hold This For Me?

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[published October 5th 2016]



Sagittarius' jaw dropped and his eyes popped wide open in utter shock. She was beautiful; beyond anything he had seen before. Aries averted his gaze to the girl Sagittarius was looking (staring) at, before looking away unamused and siping his Starbucks obnoxiously.

"You don't stand a chance with her," he explained, taking another long, obnoxious sip of his drink. Sagittarius looked over at his friend, smirking and accepting his challenge.

"Watch me," he said, before getting out of his seat and walking towards the girl he had been staring at.

"Excuse me," he said, gaining her attention. He froze for a second, seeing how beautiful she was up close. A light blush covered his cheeks as the girl sent him a warm smile.

"H-hi," Sagittarius started, clearing his throat and blushing lightly in embarrassment, before holding out a hand, pretending to hold something. "Can you hold this for me?"

The girl gave him a somewhat suspicious look, looking down at his hand before looking back up to meet his eyes.

"What is it?"

"It's nothing dangerous, I promise," Sagittarius replied, sending a reassuring smile at the girl. She squinted lightly at him as if she was trying to read him, before deciding to give out her hand.

Sagittarius put his hand on top of hers and pretended to place something in her hands, before grabbing a hold of her hand and holding it.

A blush instantly covered the girl's cheeks and she let out a giggle as they continued a few steps down the street.

"I'm Sagittarius. What's your name?" Sagittarius asked, looking over at the girl.

"I'm Libra," the girl replied with a warm smile. "And by the way, that was really clever." She giggled as she gestured towards where she and Sagittarius were holding onto each other's hands.

"Thanks," Sagittarius replied as a light blush covered his cheeks. He looked over at Libra and smiled cutely. "Does this mean I can get your number?"

Libra let out a small laugh and nodded, causing Sagittarius' face to brighten.

"Great!" He said excitedly, pulling out his phone.


Sagittarius sat down across from Aries with a smug look and a new contact on his phone.

"Smooth," Aries muttered jealously, still sipping his Starbucks obnoxiously. "Real smooth..."


This is what happens when it's nine o'clock and I'm bored XD

Anyway, any requests~? Story prompts~? Tell meeeeee *^*

Until next time~!

- Kate ⭐️

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