Truth Or Dare? #19

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Me: "@Apple4EVER dares Taurus to admit how he/she feels about the signs."

Taurus: "Do I have to say something about everyone?"

Everyone else: *nods*

Taurus: *sighs* "I honestly don't like Aries that much since he/she's always angry--"

Aries: "Why does everyone think I'm angry...?"

Taurus: "I also think that he/she likes both Gem and Aqua."

Aquarius and Gemini: *glares at each other*

Taurus: "I think Gemini talks to much for his/her own good, but is overall a good person."

Gemini: *smiles proudly*

Taurus: "I think Cancer is really beautiful/handsome." *blushes*

Cancer: *blushes and smiles* *looks away shyly*

Taurus: "I think Leo should eat more 'cause he/she's literally as skinny as a stick. I think Libra should also eat more, and let poor Leo have some space."

Libra: *grolws* *holds Leo tighter*

Leo: *whimpers*

Taurus: "I think Virgo is pretty cute, and definitely smart."

Virgo: "Smart is an understatement." *continues reading*

Taurus: "I think Scorpio is pretty scary, and he/she definitely suits Pisces perfectly."

Scorpio: *sticks tongue out at Aqua* *holds Pisces closer*

Aquarius: *rolls eyes*

Taurus: "I think Sagittarius is really cool and extreme. Capricorn is also really smart, and I also feel really bad for him/her since he/she likes--"

Capricorn: "SOMEONE!" *blushes deeply*

Taurus: "Someone, but he/she doesn't even notice him/her."

Capricorn: *looks down sadly*

Virgo: *rubs Capricorn's back* "Don't worry, I bet he/she likes you back." *doesn't know Cap actually liker him/her*

Taurus: "I think Aquarius is also really cool--"

Scorpio: "Pfft."

Aquarius: *rolls eyes*

Taurus: "Like, seriously, Aqua is one of the coolest signs."

Aquarius: "Hell yeah."

Scorpio: "PFFT."

Taurus: "I think it's a shame that Scorpio and Aqua hates each other, for they'd make the bestest of friends. And I think Pisces is defiantly the kindest sign, and he/she'd be the first one I'd invite to Cancer and mine's wedding."

Me: "@martialharpy dares Cancer to pick out each sign's flaw."

Cancer: "Aw... I don't wanna do that..." *sighs* "Aries is too angry."

Aries: "Why does everyone think that...?"

Cancer: "Taurus is too perfect, Gemini is too talkative--"

Gemini: "Am not! Have I told you about the time I--"

Me: "No Gem, it's Cancer's turn."

Gemini: "Hmph!" *crosses arms*

Cancer: "Leo is too selfish, Libra is too clingy, Virgo is too nerdy--"

Virgo: "It's not called being nerdy, it's called being smart."

Cancer: "Scorpio is too mean to Aqua--"

Aquarius: "Damn right!"

Cancer: "Sagittarius is too extreme, Aquarius is too awesome, and Pisces is too selfless."

Me: "@Zodiacs_forever dares Scorpio to break dance in public, and if not, has to punch Pisces in the face."

Scorpio: *growls* *walks outside* *breakdances*

-- 2 minutes later --

Scorpio: *comes back inside with 100 dollars*

Aries: "Woah, where'd you get that??"

Scorpio: "I got money from breakdancing. Turns out I'm not that bad."

Me: "@grell_o3o dares Taurus and Virgo to kiss for one minute."

Taurus and Virgo: *blushes*

Cancer and Capricorn: *looks down sadly*

Taurus and Virgo: *kisses*

-- 1 minute later 'cause this is getting awkward for me --

Me: *clears throat awkwardly* "Ok, that's all for now. Remember to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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