Truth Or Dare? #8

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Me: "@TileTor34 dares Scorpio to kiss Taurus, and then compliment him/her."

Pisces and Cancer: "WHAT?!"

Me: "It's only a little kiss!"

Pisces: *sighs* "Ok..." *looks down sadly*

Cancer: *sighs* "Fine..."

Scorpio: *kisses Taurus quickly* "Uh, your not the ugliest person here."

Aries: "It's Kate."

Me: "Meany..." *looks down sadly*

Pisces: "It's ok, Kate. We think your pretty." *smiles*

Me: *smiles back* "Thanks, Pisces. @ThatOnePerson474 asks everyone: 'If you were a creepypasta, who would you be and why?' Aries can start."

((Sorry guys, but I don't know many creepypastas, so bare with me!))

Aries: "If be Jeff the killer so I could kill people." *smiles evilly*

Gemini: *gasps* "You even look like him!"

Taurus: "What is creepypasta?"

Gemini: "I'd be slenderman for no reason."

Cancer: "Tails doll because he's cute."

Leo: "BEN Drowned 'cause who doesn't like him?"

Virgo: "Id also be Jeff the killer for no reason."

Libra: "I'd be Eyeless Jack ((I actually have no idea who that is)) because he's awesome."

Scorpio: "I'd be slenderman so I could scare the sh*t out of people." *smirks*

Sagittarius: "I'd be Herobrine so I could be in Minecraft."

Capricorn: "I'd be Sonic exe for no reason."

Aquarius: "I'd be Tails Dolls because he's adorable."

Pisces: "I'd be Sonic exe 'cause Sonic is life."

Me: "You go, girl/man!" *high fives Pisces* "Ok, @CatCat_XC dares Leo to kiss Libra."

Libra: *smiles* "Yay!"

Leo: *sighs* *kisses Libra*

Me: "@isavanell dares Libra to kiss Aries."

Libra: "Ooh, I'm getting so many kisses today!" *kisses Aries*

Me: "Ok, last dare for now. @DeniseSiah22 dares Aries to give the other signs alcohol."

Aries: *gasps* *hugs alcohol* "Not my babies!"

Me: (sternly) "Give it, Aries." *death glares*

Aries: *eye twitches* *hands out alcohol*

-- 5 minutes later --

*loud, annoying laughter, slurring an random conversations*

Me: "Ok, that's all for now. Remember to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: *passed out*

Me: *face palms*

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