Pisces (f) x Cancer (m): Memories

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"Daddy! Daddy!"

A smile stretched across Cancer's face as he recognized the voice, turning around just in time for a blonde bundle of joy to jump into his arms, giggling in the process before resting his head on Cancer's shoulder.

Cancer looked down at his son, smiling softly. His son, Taurus, had Cancer's blonde hair and cute freckles, along with Pisces' navy blue eyes that Cancer loved so much.

Cancer looked down at Taurus, seeing he had closed his eyes and was snuggling into Cancer's neck. Cancer let out a soft smile before making his way to Taurus' bedroom.

Cancer stopped once he came in, memories of him and Pisces decorating it before Taurus was born rushing back. Cancer remembered when they were squirting the sky blue paint at each other instead of the walls, which caused his heart to drop to his stomach sadly.

The thought caused a sad smile to cross his face, before walking over to Taurus' bed and putting him down, tucking him in and placing a kiss on his forehead before leaving, closing the door behind him silently to not wake the sleeping blonde.

He continued down the hall, before coming across a room. He took a peak inside since the door was already open, seeing a certain brunette with sky blue eyes sitting on the purple bed with headphones and her phone. She had Pisces' hair, but Cancer's eyes, and was around 13 years old, where Taurus was around 8.

"Hey, Scorpio?" Cancer asked quietly, making sure he didn't wake his son in the room next door. Scorpio lifted her gaze, pulling off her headphones once she saw her dad.


"I'm gonna go check on your mom. Can you take care of Taurus while I'm gone?" Cancer asked, earning a nod from the brunette as she put her headphones back on and went back to whatever she was doing on her phone as Cancer left.

Cancer grabbed his coat by the door, stopping halfway when his eyes caught sight of one of Pisces' jackets. He pulled on his last sleeve, before putting the soft fabric in his hands. He remembered Pisces wearing the same jacket the day they met, and how Pisces wanted to keep it even though it was too small.

Cancer barely realized he was clutching the jacket to his chest, before putting it back and letting a sad expression cross his face, before opening the door and leaving his home.


Cancer took a deep breath, clutching the flowers he bought for Pisces and mentally preparing himself to have his heart break in pieces like all the other times he visited her.

He closed his eyes and breathed out, before opening his eyes again and walking into the room, his heart instantly shattering as he stared at the injured brunette on the bed.

There laid Pisces, who was unfortunate enough to witness a car crash. It wasn't her fault, it was the drunk that crashed into her.

She was badly injured, with bandages all over her limbs and around her head. The nurses had cleaned her up, so she didn't look nearly as bad as she did the day of the accident.

Cancer looked down at Pisces' unconscious form sadly and sympathetically, before turning his gaze to the small table next to her, where there was a vase with fresh flowers. Cancer figured one of Pisces' friends had stopped by, since Pisces was quite well-liked by everyone.

Cancer walked over to the vase, gently pushing the flowers aside to make room for his own as he dropped them in. Cancer turned around, sitting down on a chair that was placed beside Pisces' bed and grabbed a hold of her hand sadly.

"If you can hear me, squeeze my hand," Cancer said as his voice cracked, tears threatening to escape. He had tried this many times before, and it hurt just as much each time it didn't work.

"Pisces, if you can hear me, please squeeze my hand," Cancer begged, looking at the brunette pleadingly as a tear ran down his cheek. Cancer gripped Pisces' hand harder, in hopes of her waking up. After a few silent seconds, Cancer moved his gaze to his lap sadly.

"That's what I thought," he whispered, letting another tear roll down his cheek before letting go of Pisces' hand.

Cancer was on his way out, when a certain brunette's hand twitched.

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