The Truth Behind the Zodiacs

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I swear, all my titles are so dramatic 😂😂

Anyway, I figured I couldn't call this "My Opinion On The Signs (newer and more improved)" and I couldn't think of anything better, so I bet you already know what this is gonna be about :3

WARNING!! This is based on people around me!! Sorry if your sign doesn't sound like you ;-;

The only Aries I can think of at the moment is a girl in my class that actually used to be my best friend, believe it or not XD She's really strong and tough, and doesn't take any crap from anyone. She's really stubborn and speaks whatever's on her mind, and is more on the optimistic side. She's really sporty, and one of the smartest people in my class.

One of my all-time best friends is a Taurus, and the first word that pops into my mind when I think of her, is stubborn. Seriously, there's no changing her mind once she's decided on something XD Most Taurus' I know are actually really shy and anxious people unless you're close to them. Then they are the craziest weirdos you will ever meet XD Seriously, some of the things they say are so random and funny and out-of-this-world that I start wondering if they're even human 😂 Taurus' around me are so funny and laugh a lot and are overall really fun and happy people :3 They're also really understanding, so I don't think twice over telling them my problems. Oh, and they take perverted to a whole different level XD

There's only one Gemini I can think of at the moment, and he is so. freaking. adorable. Like, he's so shy and small and quiet and blushy that I just wanna pinch his cheeks ^w^ I hear that Geminis have a crazy side, but that Gemini looks so innocent it's kinda hard to believe XD Something's telling me that I do not wanna see him angry, though 😂 Also, the nicest girl in my class (in my opinion) is a Gemini, and she's so goddamn sweet ;A; I can't understand how someone can be so kind-hearted ;-; She's always smiling and offering help and picking up things for you and giving you compliments and she's just such a role model ;A;

My sister is a Cancer, and if all Cancers are like her, then you guys are some evil people 😂 Like, some of the things she says is so evil and disturbing that I start wondering where she even got that from 😂 Aside from that, she is so freaking funny. Like, it's almost hard to stay mad at her because she's always cracking jokes and saying the weirdest shit XD She's pretty pessimistic though, so she enjoys watching sad things and feeling sad. She is also so moody and sometimes I wonder if she's constantly on her period XD She's also really creative and has a big imagination and is often lost in thought. And she's pretty smart :3 And she's a big pervert XDDD

............shit I don't know any Leos 😂😂 Ok, I know one, but there isn't really much to say about him XD Sorry, Leos T_T Will a dirty pick-up line help? :3 My body has 206 bones. Wanna give me another one~? 😉

Virgos are so. freaking. funny. I don't understand where they get their humor from 😂😂 I have never had so much fun with anyone as I have with these guys XD There's a Virgo in my class, and no matter what, she is always laughing. And she has the type of laughter that makes you laugh XD I know another Virgo here on Wattpad, and both are so funny and don't even get me started on their sassy-ness 😂 These guys are so sassy I'm honestly surprised 😂 I actually look up to my Virgo friend at school, 'cause she has anxiety problems like me, and still manages to walk into a room with so much confidence. I admire her so much T^T Both Virgos are really understanding, so I always go to them when I need to get something of my chest :3 And they're not exactly what you would call innocent (but then again, who is?) XDDD

You guys just have some kind of charm that makes me love you 😂 Both of my all-time BFFs are Libras, and they are so goofy and funny and weird and yeah XD They can seem pretty quiet and shy when they're alone, but when they're with their friends they are SO LOUD XD Like, they never stop talking 😂 They're both pretty flirty too XD And they're so understanding, and I trust them with all my heart :3 I love you guys ^w^

I actually know quite a few Scorpios XD The ones I know in real life are so weird and funny and laugh all the time :3 They say some of the weirdest and most random things, I swear 😂 If you didn't know them and it was your first time seeing them, they'd probably look really emotionless, but they're not XD I don't know if this goes for all Scorpios, but I feel like my mom (a fellow Scorpio :3) thinks that she needs to be tough and can't let anyone see her break down or cry... The Scorpios I know are also quite sensitive, but they won't show it XD The Scorpios I know are also really jealous and protective people :3 And there's no need in denying it, every Scorpio is at least a little dirty-minded 😂 (don't feel bad, we're all perverts lol). I also feel like you guys are really understanding but misunderstood people :3 And you guys can be so scary ;A;

One of my friends is a Sagittarius, and she is so hyper ALL THE TIME. I swear, I'm not exaggerating 😂 She is always jumping and running and yelling and being weird and laughing and she never stops XD She is also violently yandere 😂😂 I feel bad for her crush T_T She's also quite a flirt XD And she's really small and cute, so it's basically impossible for her to look scary :3

Why are earth signs so damn funny?! It's so unfair T^T My dad is a Capricorn, and I swear to God he's the funniest person I know :3 He's a big animal lover, and all animals love him XD I'm not even kidding, that guy can get any cat or dog to like him XD He's also a great cook :3 He tries to be tough, but I can tell he's really sensitive XD He's also really protective, whether that's a parent instinct or not XD He also likes to rant, and overthinks a lot. And he's really outgoing and smiles a lot :3

My best guy friend in real life is an Aquarius and he's such a flirt XD Not all Aquarians I know are flirts, but he is 😂 Anyway, they're big jokesters and are really funny XD The Aquarians I know aren't exactly shy, but they could be more outgoing :3 There's an Aquarius in my class and I swear she's the sweetest thing XD She's so kind and everyone loves her :3

Pisces (this one's gonna be based on me and it's gonna be long lol):
I'm really shy unless you're close to me, then you'll realize how crazy and clingy I am XD Like, I will latch onto your arm and hold onto your clothes and follow you around like a lost puppy, especially if I'm either sleepy or nervous :3 If I really like you and I consider you as a close friend, you won't be able to get rid of me 😂 I'm really sensitive and fragile and I don't take criticism really well, so you'll have to be careful what you say to me and how you treat me, 'cause if I feel like you've treated me wrong, I won't think twice about leaving you behind. That's something I think a lot of people don't understand with Pisceans... Most people think we're weak and that they can just walk all over us, but they're so wrong T^T Not many people see us angry, but when we're angry enough, they better run. We might look innocent and harmless, but we can be really cruel XD And don't even get me started on how perverted we are 😂 Like, people think we're innocent but they are so wrong... XD We're also really creative and have great imaginations, and I know at least I daydream a lot and easily get lost in thought :3 And it's so easy for me to come off topic and get distracted and forget things that I am honestly impressed 😂

And I'm gonna say this again because I feel like people should know this: Pisceans are far from innocent 😂


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed~ XD What sign are you? And how do you think people born under that sign acts?

Until next time~!

- Kate ⭐️

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