Q & A part 3!

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[published June 28th]

@wallflowergirl152002 asks: What is your favorite book? Other than books on Wattpad, it would have to be the Michael Vey series

@katiexXxkatie asks: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? Canada, because I fricking love that country and the people seem sO NICE ;A;

@Imka_the_Pig asks: DO YOU KNOW HUNTER HAYES? ehh... no? XD

@WildWolfLivingStrong asks: What are your top 3 zodiac ships?
Gemini (m) x Leo (m)
Cancer x Pisces
Pisces x Scorpio

@DJCrybaby05 asks: HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE MILK FIC? No, i'm a little scared to search for it... XD

@BloodyShadow21 asks: What's your favorite food and why? Pizza because it tastes good...? XD

@neko_pants_1o10-0 asks: Do you know the Maximum Ride books? No...

@Cyrbon asks: What got you interested in Zodiacs?!?! I MUST KNOW Well, um, i had a lot of free time... XD I was just bored on instagram and came across some horoscope posts, but i didn't start really loving zodiacs until i found zodiac stories on wattpad, and it was just really interesting to read about and to relate to ^^

@JpRafol asks: Would you rather have Sagittarius or Ophiuchus? That's a hard one... It would suck to find horoscope posts and not seeing anything about your sign, so I would lean more towards Sagittarius, but Ophiuchus also sounds so cool... ;A;

@DaNayaJames1234 asks: What is your favorite or least favorite thing about the Aquarius? My favorite thing about Aquarius would probably be their carefree-ness ^~^ I honestly have no idea what my least favorite thing about them is though XD

@kczarina97 asks: Besides your own, who is your favorite sign? Cancer (i lowkey wanna be one... ;A;)

@lyanneying asks: What is your age? I turned 14 in march ^~^

@Chokoko-sama asks: If you'd describe yourself with an animal, which animal would it be? Maybe a bunny, because..... they're small? XD

@EmmaTheWolf asks: If you had to choose between eating ketchup for the rest of your life or watching your favorite anime character die a million times over, which one would you pick? Honestly, I'd rather watch my favorite anime character die a million times over, 'cause after around the 20th time it won't even have an affect on me lolol

@xxOliviaEpicxx asks: If you were stuck with your crush, what would you do? I don't even know lol, I'd probably just look away awkwardly XD

@xxOliviaEpicxx also asks: Why do you ship the signs? Because certain signs are just too cute together :333

@Plucifer asks: Have you ever read the Percy Jackson series? If so, what characters do you relate the Zodiacs to? I have a book but I haven't read it lol, but I've seen the two movies, hehe... I'd at least relate Percy Jackson to one of the water signs, because... water? XD

@TeaForTheBritish asks: For each sign say what you admire about them?
Aries: probably their confidence
Taurus: their loyalty, and how they know eveRYTHING
Gemini: their intelligence
Cancer: everything tbh, these people are perfect
Leo: how likable they are, they're truly a friend to all
Virgo: how freaking funny they are
Libra: absolutely everyone loVES THEM
Scorpio: how protective they are over the people they care about
Sagittarius: their adventurous nature
Capricorn: their humor
Aquarius: their carefree attitude
Pisces: their (our) deep and understanding nature

@punkgirl1007 asks: Favorite anime? I have a long list of anime I love, but my all-time favorite would probably have to be Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin season 2, even though Seraph of the End/Owari no Seraph is a close second :3

NightWolves4699 asks: Would Aquarius and Leo siblings get along? Well, all siblings fight, but since Aquarius and Leo are quite compatible I guess they'd get along well XD

amb_13 asks: When will you and your bf do the honeymoon bang bang thrust thrust?~ *insert grandma Lenny face lol* *is dead*

Holy flip flops I got a lot of questions XD Anyway, thank you guys so much! :3

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them, if I get enough I'll make another Q & A chapter or I'll just answer the comment :3

- Kate ⭐️

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