Truth Or Dare? #14

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Me: "@GRACE_FLOWER dares everyone to play seven minutes in heaven with the person they hate. Aries, you get to start. Who do you hate the mo--"

Aries: "Aquarius!"

Pisces: (suspiciously) "You seem rather eager..."

Leo: "Come on, everyone knows that you hate Gemini the most."

Me: *pushes Aries and Gemini into a closet together*

-- 7 minutes later --

Gemini and Aries: *comes out*

Gemini: *blushes*

Aries: *smirks*

Sagittarius: "What happened in there?"

Gemini: (quietly) "I don't want to talk about it..."

Me: "Ok... Taurus, who do you hate the most?"

Taurus: "Leo."

Scorpio: "Pfft. Who doesn't?"

Leo: "Hey!"

-- 7 minutes later --

Leo and Taurus: *comes out*

Leo: *scowls* "That was so horrible!"

Taurus: *scowls* *nods* "Agreed." *pouts*

Cancer: *hugs Taurus*

Me: "Since Gemini's already gone and everyone knows he/she hates Aries the most, Cancer can go next."

Cancer: "I don't hate anyone, but I guess it would be Sagi."

-- 7 minutes later --

Cancer: *runs out of closet* *hugs Taurus* "I never want to do that again!"

Taurus: *hugs Cancer back*

Sagittarius: *walks out nonchalantly*

Me: "Leo's already gone, so it's Virgo's turn."

Virgo: "I hate Aries the most."

Aries: (whines) "But I've already gone...!"

-- 7 minutes later --

Aries: *walks out with no emotion*

Virgo: *walks out* "That went surprisingly well."

Me: "Libra, it's your turn."

Libra: "I hate Leo." *hugs Leo* "But I also love him!"

Leo: *groans*

-- 7 minutes later --

Me: *opens door to closet* "Ok, seven minutes are up."

Libra: *squeezing Leo*

Leo: *whimpers*

Me: "Scorpio's turn."

Virgo: "Everyone knows he hates Aquarius the most."

-- 7 minutes later --

Me: "Ok, times u--" *opens door to closet*

Scorpio and Aquarius: *pulling each other's hair*

-- after a minute of breaking Scorpio and Aquarius apart --

Me: "Sag already went, so Cap, it's your turn."

Capricorn: "I don't really hate anyone, but I guess my least favorite is Libra."

Libra: "Wha--" (whines) "Why???"

-- 7 minutes later --

Libra and Capricorn: *comes out*

Capricorn: *shrugs* "That wasn't that bad."

Me: "Aquarius already went, so it's Pisces' turn."

Pisces: "But I don't hate anyone!"

Me: "Just choose your least favorite sign."

Pisces: "But I don't wanna choo--"


Pisces: "ARIES!"

-- 7 minutes later --

Pisces and Aries: *comes out*

Aries: "Why does everyone hate me...?"

Me: "Ok, that's all for now. Remember to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"


Ok, a quick A/N. This is REALLY important.

Most people already knows this, but I struggle with anxiety. I have Social Anxiety Disorder, and I often go all day without eating. I don't eat at school, so I go a long period of time without eating, so I don't even get hungry anymore because of that.

That's really not good, because I need food for energy. I often find it hard to do stuff, in this case writing, because I don't have the energy to get motivated to do it. So please bare with me!❤️

Also, I was at a therapist on Tuesday, so I haven't really been updating much since Monday, and I'm really sorry about that!❤️

And remember that I have a gazillion other stories to write.

- Kate♓️

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