Scorpio (f) x Capricorn (m): Popcorn

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[published May 21st 2018]

You guys have no idea how much I struggled to remember what month it was lmao, I had written June at first XD

Also I'm supposed to be studying but here I am whoops

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Capricorn looked down at the girl standing outside his door confusedly, rubbing his eyes as he yawned. "It's three in the morning, what are you doing here?"

"No reason..." Scorpio mumbled, averting her gaze as her cheeks puffed up a little.

"Were you watching another horror movie?" Capricorn asked, squinting his eyes down at the chestnut-haired girl in front of him. "Did you get scared~?" He continued teasingly. A small blush dusted Scorpio's cheeks as she furrowed her eyebrows angrily, looking back over at her friend.

"No! ...Not until I heard something in my closet..." Scorpio looked away again, embarrassed.

"I'll check your closet tomorrow and fight away the monsters, ok?" Capricorn teased as he stepped aside, inviting Scorpio inside.

"Shut up...!" Scorpio spat, stomping inside. "It's not monsters that spook me, it's serial killers!" Capricorn couldn't help but half-snort-half-laugh as he shut the door behind her, following her into the living room. Capricorn grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to a random channel, switching to a cartoon as he figured that would be the most calming for Scorpio. They both sat at each their end of the couch until Scorpio started staring at Capricorn. He stared back confusedly.

"What?" He asked. Scorpio stayed silent, her eyebrows furrowing slightly at him. "Popcorn?" Capricorn suggested, getting an instant nod from Scorpio in return. He chuckled as he stood up and made his way to the kitchen to find the popcorn.

Capricorn turned around, seeing Scorpio had followed him into the kitchen. He let out a chuckle, it was amusing watching someone like Scorpio acting like this.

"It's just as amusing every time," Capricorn started, grabbing a bowl from one of the cabinets and placing it on the counter. "Seeing someone as confident and serious as you being so frightened and jumpy, almost vulnerable."

Capricorn leaned in closer to Scorpio's face, "and flustered," he smirked, seeing Scorpio's eyes widen and a blush creep onto her cheeks.

The way they were so close to each other, the blue light from the TV hitting them in the otherwise dark house; it almost seemed like a scene out of a romance movie.

Or a porno.

Capricorn chuckled at her, before going back to the popcorn. Scorpio stood frozen for a moment. Capricorn poured the popcorn into the bowl, his playful smile turning gentle, like he was genuinely happy. He turned towards Scorpio with the bowl in his hands, smiling softly at her.

"I'm glad you let me see this side of you."

Scorpio's lips parted in slight shock as she stared at Capricorn, who stared right back at her with his soft eyes. Scorpio couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she had some kind of feeling in her stomach; one she only got around Capricorn.

Not knowing what to do, Scorpio quickly grabbed the bowl of popcorn out of Capricorn's hands and rushed away.

"Oh no you don't!" Capricorn yelled playfully as he ran after her. He ran after Scorpio around the living room for a while as she left a trail of spilled popcorn after her, until he had finally cornered her.

Capricorn stopped in his tracks as he watched Scorpio. She was laughing loudly, her eyes closed as her one hand held her stomach, the other holding the popcorn bowl. Her laughs echoed throughout the room, it was beautiful. She was beautiful.

Capricorn smiled softly, almost lovingly at her. Tears were forming in her eyes from laughing so hard. Her laughs slowly quieted, regaining her composure. She opened her eyes slowly, but her laughs were cut off as she felt a pair of lips on her own.

Capricorn's lips were soft, just as Scorpio had expected. His warm hand gently held Scorpio's cheek as she slowly kissed back. She dropped the bowl of popcorn on the floor, spilling it as she held onto Capricorn's shoulders, gently pulling at the clothing as to pull him closer.

Capricorn pulled away for air, looking at Scorpio lovingly as he held her. "You should really laugh more."

"You should really kiss me more," Scorpio mumbled. They were silent for a moment, before Scorpio realized what she had said and quickly moved away from Capricorn, an obvious blush covering her cheeks as her eyes widened.

"I-I mean--" Scorpio cut herself off by covering her face with her hands.

"Don't need to tell me twice," Capricorn laughed, gently grabbing Scorpio's wrists and pulling them off her face as she looked up at him. "Also, that was all the popcorn I had, so..."


"Jk, I have another bag in the kitchen."


I'm expressing my love for popcorn through this oneshot lmao

Also about that "it was beautiful. She was beautiful." part, it took me everything to not write "Scorpio's pretty nice too" (haha get it? 'Cause then Capricorn was talking about the popcorn? Ok then...)

If anyone has any ideas for oneshots or short stories, please leave a comment or message me! I'm more than happy to get suggestions from you guys, plus it really helps me update more! ^^

Until next time~

- Kate

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