Truth Or Dare? #26

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Me: "@Sparklaxy has a question for Aries: There are three people named Do, Re and Me respectively. They all love eating poop. One day, all their poop is gone, so Do and Re went out to find some poop while Me stayed at home.

A few minutes later, Do and Re came back with a lot of poop and put it on the table. Then, Do and Re went out to go shopping while Me stayed at home to watch the delicious poop.

Once Do and Re got home, they were both shocked to see that all their poop and the table were gone. Which of the three of them at the poop?"

Aries: "Me."

Everyone: *bursts out laughing*

Aries (confusedly): "What??"

Gemini (through laughs): "You..." *laughs* "You ate the poop??" *burst out laughing*

Aries: *blushes* "Wha--no!"

Me: *wipes away tear* *clears throat* "Anyway, @TileTor34 dares Aquarius to wrestle Cancer, and Aries to wrestle Pisces."

Cancer: *screams and runs away*

Pisces: "Wha-- DON'T LEAVE ME!" *runs after*

-- after two hours of running after Pisces and Cancer --

Aries: "I GIVE UP!" *flops on couch exhaustedly*

Aquarius (mutters): "Baby..."

Aries: "What did you just call me?!" *glares at Aquarius*

Aquarius: *laughs nervously* "N-nothing!"

Aries: *growls and stands up* *runs towards Aquarius*

Aquarius: *screams* *runs away*

Aries: "GET BACK HERE, YOU *bleepity bleep bleep*!" *runs after*

Cancer: *pokes head out of closet* (whispers) "Pisces, they're gone." *falls out of closet*

Pisces: *crawls out from under bed* "Thank God! I saw a spider down there..." *whimpers*

Cancer: "You mean...that one...?" *points at spider*

Pisces and Cancer: *screams* *jumps out window*

-- meanwhile --

Capricorn: *looks down at watch* "They've been at it for two hours straight. Think they're done yet?"

Everyone: *hears screams* *shakes they're head* *hears clattering and thumping, followed by more screams*

Virgo: *sighs* *rests against couch* "Might as well get comfy. This is gonna be a while."

Me: "Anyway, feel free to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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