Yandere! Pisces (m) x Cancer (f) x Yandere! Scorpio (m): We Are Your Brothers

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(The boys in the picture is Pisces and Scorpio. Pisces is the smaller one with the teddy.)

Ok, ok, I know Cancer (m) x Pisces (f) x Scorpio (m) was requested more, but I already have a storyline for that, so I decided to make Cancer the girl for this idea.

I really wanted this to be over for Valentine's Day, but oh well...



All Cancer could hear was the raindrops hitting the ground and thunderclaps booming loudly, along with the sound of rushed footsteps in the mood. It was hard for her to see because of the rain and wind, but she kept walking, even though she had no idea where she was going.

Her mother had a firm grip on her wrist, pulling her to God knows where. All Cancer could do was follow her mother and squint, trying her best to see as clearly as possible. Cancer was soaked by then, since she didn't have umbrella or any rain clothes on.

Cancer kept following her mother confusedly, until she felt herself walk up some stairs and her mother came to a stop, letting go of Cancer's wrist. Cancer could see better then, not having the rain in her face anymore.

Cancer's mother crouched down to Cancer's level, since Cancer was much smaller. But what else do you expect from a five year old?

"Honey, your gonna be staying here for a while," her mother explained, her voice cracking a bit as tears formed in her eyes. "Mommy has to leave. But you'll have a great time here, and they'll take care of you."

She sent a small smile to her daughter and placed a hand on her cheek, before she stood up straight and rang the doorbell. A man in fancy clothes opened the door. He was probably the butler.

"Ms Waterworth, pleasure to meet you," he said with a British accent and a bow, before standing up straight. "Would you like to come inside for a cup of tea?"

"Sorry, I really can't stay," Cancer's mother replied. She looked back down at Cancer and smiled.

"I love you," she said, giving her daughter a quick hug before rushing back out in the pouring rain. Cancer watched, not exactly knowing what was going on since she was only five years old.

"Would you like to come inside, lady Waterworth?" The butler asked, holding out a hand to Cancer for her to grab. Cancer just stared at it for a few seconds, before hesitantly grabbing it, causing the butler to smile and bring Cancer along inside, closing the door behind.

To say the mansion was huge was an understatement.

Cancer ended up in the foaje, where everything was in shades of white and gold. There was even a fountain in the middle, surrounded by other plants. There was also two staircases leading to the second floor.

"My name's Sebastian, by the way," (see what I did there?) the butler explained, looking over at the small brunette who was gazing at the scenery. "The Clearwater twins should be down any second."

Right on queue, two twins came running down the stairs. Both had brown hair, one was a shade lighter as the other was almost black. The boy with lighter hair had baby blue eyes, while the other had teal. They both were matching cute uniforms, and the boy with darker hair was slightly taller.

"Masters, may I suggest you show lady Waterworth to her room while I grab dry clothes for her?" Sebastian asked.

"Sure!" The lighter-haired boy exclaimed happily, also with a British accent, a smile plastered on his adorable face. He ran to Cancer and grabbed her arm, running up the stairs and past the darker-haired boy. "Come on, little sister!"

"If you keep pulling her around like that, your going to rip off her arm," the darker-haired boy explained with a British accent as well, and followed his brother and Cancer up the stairs and into her knew bedroom.

The only word to describe the room was pink. Basically everything was pink. Not that Cancer had anything against it, she quite enjoyed the color.

"What's your name, little sister?" The lighter-haired boy asked, a smile still plastered on his happy and overly-excited face. Cancer kept quiet, and turned her gaze to the wooden floor under her. She was quite shy, especially when none of her family members or friends were nearby to make her feel safe.

"She's probably shy," the teal-eyed boy explained, looking over at his brother before looking over at Cancer. "I'm Scorpio."

"And I'm Pisces!" The baby blue-eyed boy exclaimed, jumping slightly. "Your gonna have so much fun here! We can play hide n seek, and tag, and doctor, and--"

"We get the point, little brother," Scorpio explained, looking over at his brother stoically.

Pisces' smile instantly turned into a frown as he glared at the taller boy. "Come on! You were born four minutes before me!"

"You shouldn't fight in front of our little sister," Scorpio replied and wrapped an arm around Cancer's shoulders, who had been watching confusedly. Scorpio smirked at Pisces' scowl, knowing he had won. Pisces' scowl quickly disappeared when he looked down at Cancer with a warm smile.

"Can you please tell us your name, little sister?" He asked cutely, his smile never leaving his naturally happy face.

"C-Cancer," Cancer replied quietly, still a little shy. Her stuttering only seemed to make Pisces' smile grow.

"Your so cute~!" He giggled and grabbed a hold of Cancer's cheek, squeezing it. Cancer let out a small squeak in suprise, her eyes widening as a blush made it's way to her cheeks.

"Stop pulling at her skin or she'll break like the others," Scorpio ordered stoically as Pisces let go of Cancer's cheek sadly. Cancer started shaking slightly as she wondered what Scorpio meant.

"I'm sorry..." Pisces apologized quietly with his blue eyes locked to the floor beneath him, before bringing his gaze up to his brother. "It's not my fault they're so easy to break!"

Cancer was shaking violently by this point, wanting to curl up in a corner and hide. Pisces noticed Cancer's shaking form, and wrapped his arms around her gently, hugging her into his chest as he stroked her hair.

"It's ok, sister," Pisces started softly. "We won't break you! I promise I'll protect. you from all the meanies!" Scorpio nodded in agreement, even though Cancer couldn't see with her head dug in Pisces' chest. Pisces pulled away from her but kept his hands on her shoulders, sending her another warm smile.

"After all," the twins started in unison as Scorpio moved to Pisces's side so he could be in Cancer's view as well.

"We are your brothers."


Maybe I should make a part two??

Anyway, did anyone see what I did with the butler? No? Ok...

- Kate♓️

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