Pisces (f) x Aquarius (m): Suprise Party (part 2)

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Ok, so I was reading my Pisces x Aquarius one shot, and when I read the last sentence, "Look forward to your birthday", I knew that I had to make a part two. I bet most of have already guessed what it's about 😉


"Pisces, where are you taking me?" Aquarius asked and looked over at Pisces who was pulling on Aqua's arm, dragging him around town.

"It's a surprise," Pisces replied and couldn't hold back a giggle.

"I have wished you happy birthday, right?" Pisces asked and looked over at Aquarius worriedly.

Aqua sighed. "Yes, Pisces. Seventeen times, to be exact."

"Just making sure," Pisces continued and looked forward again. "You counted?"

"I guess I did," Aqua replied, not realizing it until now. Pisces looked over at her crush and giggled, seeing the confused look on his face. Aquarius instantly blushed when he realized the fluttery feeling he got from Pisces' giggle.

"Here," Pisces said and stopped outside a building. It was worn-down and broken, and Aqua was honestly a little disappointed. Pisces giggled before pulling Aqua through the entrance.

It was an abandoned music hall with a stage and red chairs and curtains and all. Even though it looked worn-down from the outside, it was still beautiful from the inside.

"I've had so many good memories of this place, and I guess I wanted one with you," Pisces said and smiled warmly at a blushing Aqua. Pisces blushed slightly seeing Aqua's blush.

"And I know it's not much, but I wanted to do something for you since you did something for me," Pisces added. A spotlight shone right on the stage, showing a picnic blanket and a bowl of something.

"What's that?" Aqua asked and pointed at the stage. Pisces turned towards Aquarius.

"Strawberries," she replied and smiled widely, before running towards the stage, giggling in the process. Aquarius chuckled and ran after.

~ After a while of eating strawberries and talking ~

Pisces had just finished laughing at one of Aqua's jokes, and stuck her hand in her pocket for her phone to check the time. She furrowed her eyebrows when she didn't find it.

"Where's my phone...?" She muttered, before looking over at Aquarius. Aquarius was holding her phone and smirking.

"Give it back, Aqua," Pisces giggled and tilted her head in persuasion.

"Come and get it," Aqua replied, smirking more before standing up and running off the stage. Pisces ran after, giggling.


"Ha! Got you now!" Pisces exclaimed, after trapping Aqua in a corner. She reached for her phone, but Aqua only pulled his arm farther away, still smirking. Pisces groaned playfully and reached for the phone again, only to have Aqua pull it farther away again as he chuckled.

Pisces stepped closer and reached for the phone again, but Aqua didn't pull the phone away. He was too busy blushing. Pisces was unaware that her face was inches away from Aqua's. Pisces giggled as she grabbed her phone, before realizing how close she was to Aqua. Aquarius got a sudden boost of confidence and leaned in to kiss Pisces, both of them blushing.

The spotlight from before turned off, leaving them kissing in the dark. Both of their faces were completely red when they parted, but luckily there wasn't much light.

"Man..." Aqua started. "I love birthdays." Pisces giggled, before walking away with Aqua, hand in hand.


Pisces and Aquarius walked in a peaceful silence as they held hands, unaware of Libra and Cancer watching.

"Next time I'm in charge of the spotlight," Libra ordered and pointed a finger at Cancer, as Cancer shrugged in response.

"Yeah, whatever," she replied, before turning her attention back to Pisces and Aquarius, a smile growing on her face as she saw them holding hands.


I thought this part was so small, so I decided to add that little ending. Oh, Cancer, always in charge of the spotlight...

Anyway, feel free to comment or PM me requests. And please give me a storyline!

- Kate ⭐️

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