Cancer (f) x Pisces (m): I Wuv You!

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"Cancer, wait up!" Pisces yelled after the giggling girl.

"You'll never catch me!" Cancer giggled more.

Cancer and Pisces were the best of friends of all the daycare kids. They were together all the time.

Pisces picked up his speed, and was running beside Cancer. "Got you now!"

Cancer tried to run faster, but was still running beside Pisces.

"Just give up aweady," Pisces giggled.

"Aw, fine!" Cancer and Pisces stopped running, and tried to catch their breath. A flower caught Pisces's eye, and he picked it up.

"For you," he said and offered the flower to Cancer.

Cancer giggled. "Thanks, Pisces."

Cancer admired the flower, and Pisces looked around the daycare yard shyly.

"I wuv you, Pisces!"


Sorry for the super duper duper duper duper short one shot! I just thought this sounded too cute not to write! Requests? Comment! And don't forget the storyline! ❤️

- Kate ⭐️

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