Hetalia Characters' Zodiacs

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So, I came across a picture on Pinterest with the Hetalia characters' zodiacs, and I though maybe that would be something you guys would be interested in! I don't know if it's all right, but oh well.

Greece (March 25.)
Belgium (April 19.)

England (April 23.)
Netherlands (April 30.) ??
Norway (May 17.)
Cuba (May 20.)

Denmark (June 5.)
Sweden (June 6.)
Hungary (June 8.)
Russia (June 12.) ??
Iceland (June 17.)

Seychelles (June 29.)
Canada (July 1.)
Hong Kong (July 1.)
America (July 4.)
Lichtenstein (July 12.)
France (July 14.)
Belgium (July 21.)
Poland (July 22.)

Switzerland (August 1.)
South Korea (August 15.)

Ukraine (August 24.)
Belarus (August 25.)
Sealand (September 2.)
Vietnam (September 2.)

Germany (October 3.)
China (October 10.)

Taiwan (October 25.)
Austria (October 26.)
Greece (October 28.)
Turkey (October 29.)
Poland (November 11.)
Latvia (November 18.)

Romania (December 1.) ??
Finland (December 6.)

Russia (December 30.)
Prussia (January 18.)

Australia (January 26.) ??
Greece (February 3.)
Japan (February 11.)
Spain (February 12.)
Lithuania (February 16.)

Estonia (February 24.)
Egypt (February 28.)
North Italy/Veneziano (March 17.)
South Italy/Romano (March 17.)


Alternate birthdays for some countries:

Greece: Either October 28th (original profile), February 3rd (Volume 2 profile), or March 25th (date of independence)

Belgium: Either April 19th (seen on picture), or July 21st (according to the Hetalia archives)

Russia: Either June 12th, or December 30th (according to the Hetalia archives)

Poland: Either July 22nd, or November 11th (Polish edition of manga)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed! By the way, do you have any questions for the Q & A? If I don't get enough, I'm not gonna have it, but I'm hoping I get a lot of questions :3

Until next time~!

- Kate ♓️

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