Truth Or Dare? #34

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Me: Before we jump into the truths and dares, does anyone remember last time when @TileTor34 dared Gemini to--

Pisces: Pfft, I don't remember anything, what are you talking about?! *laughs nervously*

Me: ...-- slap Pisces twice each chapter.

Gemini: *laughs manically* I LOVE THIS DARE, HAHAHA~! *slaps Pisces twice* *laughs louder*

Me: *clears throat awkwardly* Anyway, @TileTor34 dares Virgo to tell how he/she really feels about Capricorn. If not, they have to kiss.

Virgo: *smiles* He/she's a great friend.

Leo: Ha! Friend-zoned! *high fives Gemini*

Sagittarius: *rubs Capricorn's back gently* It's ok, buddy...

Me: @TileTor34 dares Sagittarius to be tied to his/her enemy for two chapters.

Libra: *turns to Sagittarius* Who's your enemy? It's not me, is it?!

Sagittarius: Wha-- Of course not!

Gemini: Then who's your enemy?

Sagittarius: (mumbles) No one...

Aries: No one believes that.

Sagittarius: ............... Taurus.

Cancer: *gasps loudly* *holds onto Taurus* MY LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL?!?! WHY?!

Sagittarius: Remember that one time he/she stole my bacon?

Aries: *raises eyebrow* That's why he/she's your enemy?

Sagittarius: I LOVE MY BACON!

Me: *ties Sagittarius to Taurus while Sagittarius' busy ranting about his/her love for bacon* Finished.

Sagittarius: Wha-- *realizes he/she's tied up to Taurus* *growls at Taurus* You bacon-stealing thief!

Taurus: *keeps a straight face*

Me: @TileTor34 dares Taurus to tell what he/she would do if Cancer died.

Taurus: *blushes* *looks away embarrassingly* I-I don't know... I'd be lost without him/her...

Cancer: *tears up* *sniffs* *hugs Taurus* I LOVE YOU! *sobs*

Taurus: *can't hug back because he/she's tied up to Sagittarius* I love you, too...

Me: *secretly fangirl-ing* @TileTor34 dares Pisces to tell how he/she met Scorpio.

Pisces: I met him/her while I was on a date with Gemini. *giggles*

Gemini: Haha, I remember that! That was quite a few years ago, wasn't it?

Pisces: Ha, yeah.

Cancer: Wait, you were on a date with Gemini and you never told me?!?!

Pisces: We only dated for, like, three months seven years ago. I didn't think it mattered.

Scorpio: Why didn't I know about this? *glares at Gemini* *dark aura appears*

Me: ....Anyway, @TileTor34 dares Pisces and Scorpio to let the other signs chase them in the dark, creepy forest at night with a one minute head start. STARTING NOW!

Pisces: Wait, we're not even anywhere near a--

Me: 59, 58, 57--

Pisces and Scorpio: OH SHIT. *runs away like their lives depend on it*

Me: Anyway, that's all for now. Comment or message me questions or dares for the signs. Until next time, bye~!

All the signs: Bye~!

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