Truth Or Dare? #7

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Me: "@carelesshood dares Aries to kiss Gemini."


Aries: "...Why?"

Me: "Pfft. I dunno."

Gemini: "Come on. Just get this over with."

Aries: *kisses Gemini quickly*

Aquarius: "Ah, ah, ah! That wasn't long enough!"

Gemini: "What?! Of course it was!"

Aquarius: "Nu-uh! You didn't seem to think so when I kissed Aries and Libra!"

Aries: *rolls eyes* *kisses Gemini*

Gemini: *eyes widens* *blushes*

Aquarius: *smirks* "Payback's a bi**h."

Aries: *pulls away*

Me: "Ok, @carnasio dares Aquarius to summon a demon."

Aquarius: "How the heck do I do that?!"

Scorpio: *whispers something in Aqua's ear*

Aquarius: "So that's all I have to do?"

Scorpio: *nods*

-- 5 minutes later --

*demon floats around room*

All the signs: *screams*

*demon floats away*

Virgo: "Great, now we've got a demon on the loose."

Scorpio: "Please, I've conjured at least 15 demons." *rolls eyes*

Cancer: "That's what keeps following me! I always thought I had a stalker!"

Me: "@SwagKitty02 dares Capricorn to kiss Taurus."

Taurus: "Hell no!"

Cancer: "Please, Taurus? So we can continue with the dares and questions?" *makes puppy eyes*

Taurus: *sighs* "Fine... But make it quick."

Capricorn: *nods* *kisses Taurus*

Taurus: *blushes* "Finished! Just get on with the next dare or question!"

Me: "@viridibarra dares Aquarius to confess to his/her crush."

Aquarius: *blushes* "Uh, do I have to?"

Everyone: *nods*

Aquarius: *sighs* *mutters something*

Me: "Huh?"

Aquarius: *mutters something slightly louder*

Aries: "Seriously, speak lou--"

Aquarius: "I LIKE ARIES!" *blushes deeper*

Aries: *eyes widens* *blushes*

Me: "@ThatOnePerson474 asks everyone: 'if you were stuck on a stranded island full of unknown contaminated creatures, who would you want to be stuck with?' You start, Aries."

Aries: "...Aquarius."

Me: "Why?"

Aries: (nervously) "W-why do you want to know? Are you obsessed with me or something? Pfft." *blushes*

Me: "Ok..."

Taurus: "I'd want to be with Cancer, 'cause he/she's my girl/boyfriend."

Cancer: *looks at Taurus* "We're still together?"

Taurus: "Of course. Remember in Truth Or Dare part 4 when Kate made us get together? I never broke up with you." *grabs Cancer's hand*

Cancer: *smiles* *blushes*

Pisces: "Aw!"

Gemini: "I'd want to be with Leo, 'cause he/she's my best buddy."

Cancer: "I'd want to be with Taurus, 'cause he/she's my boy/girl friend." *smiles at Taurus*

Taurus: *smiles back*

Leo: "I'd want to be with Gemini, 'cause he/she's my best buddy."

Libra: *looks at Leo* "Not me?"

Virgo: "I'd want to be with Capricorn, 'cause with his/her smartest combined with mine, we'll be unstoppable."

Capricorn: *blushes*

Libra: "Well I was gonna take Leo but since he/she obviously doesn't like me, I'd want to be with Aries, 'cause he/she would keep me safe."

Scorpio: "I'd want to be with Aquarius."

Everyone: "WHAT?"

Scorpio: *smirks* "So I can watch him/her die." *chuckles evilly*

Aries: "You wouldn't bring your girl/boyfriend?"

Scorpio: "God no! I don't want to watch Pisces die! If much rather him/her safe." *holds Pisces' hand*

Pisces: *blushes* "Aw!" *kisses Scorpio*

Sagittarius: "I'd want to be with Virgo, since he/she's smart enough to keep both of us alive."

Capricorn: "I'd want to be with Virgo, too."

Me: "Because you like him/her."

Capricorn: *blushes* "WHAT?! No!"

Aquarius: "I'd want to be with Aries, since he/she's my crush."

Pisces: "I'd want to be with Cancer, so we could die together. I wouldn't bring Scorpio 'cause I'd want him to stay alive."

Me: "Ok, that's all for now. Remember to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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