Truth Or Dare? #1

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Me: @Dayna613 dares Aquarius to kiss Pisces

Pisces: Wha-what *blushes*

Scorpio: *scowls*

Aquarius: *scoffs* I can do that. *kisses Pisces suddenly*

Pisces: *eyes widens* *blushes deeper*

Leo: *whistles*

Aquarius: *pulls away and looks away* *is actually blushing*

Cancer: Aww, how romantic!

Libra: Oh ma gah, I totally ship them!

Virgo: *scoffs* I have no time for boys/girls.

Me: There's another dare. PisceSabrina dares Leo to sing.

Leo: Yay! *clears throat* AND IIIIIIIII!

Everyone: *covers ears*

Aries: Make it stop!

Gemini: Aaah, I'm gonna have nightmares from now on!

Me: Come on guys, it's not that bad. I've heard worse.

Libra: From who?

Me: Aries.

Leo: *snickers* Aries? *laughs loudly*

Aries: Screw you, my singing's fantastic. *crosses arms*

Scorpio: *is still scowling* *death-glares at Aqua*

Taurus: Why is Scorpio scowling?

Pisces: Scorpi! *hugs Scorpio tightly* Are you ok?

Scorpio: Yeah, I'm fine. *hugs Pisces back and sticks tongue out at Aqua*

Capricorn: Ah, I get it. Scorpio's jealous.

Scorpio: Wha-what? *scoffs* No!

Me: PisceSabrina has a question for Scorpio. Which sign do you hate the most?

Scorpio: Aquarius.

Aquarius: Wha? Why?

Scorpio: Hmf! *looks away stubbornly*

Sagittarius: (whispers to Aqua) He's jealous.

Scorpio: I heard that! And I'm not jealous!

Me: Ok, PisceSabrina 's last question. Pisces, who's your least favorite sign?

Pisces: Do I have to answer that...?

Everyone: *nods*

Pisces: *sighs* (mutters) Aries...

Aries: And why is that?! *crosses arms*

Pisces: 'Cause your always angry...

Aries: ...Point taken.

Me: And that's all for now. Comment or PM me dares or questions for the zodiac signs. Bye!

All the signs: Bye!

Edit September 2016: I feel like everyone's against Aries T_T

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