T or D 2! #5

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Kate: Hi and welcome back to the T or D series! I'd like to start off with apologizing for not updating for a while, I've had an insanely busy couple of weeks and haven't had time to write ;w; Anyway, @EmmaTheWolf dares Cancer to do this *whispers in Cancer's ear*

Cancer: *nods* got it. *rolls up Taurus in a blanket*

Taurus: what's happening OvO

Cancer: *grabs cinnamon* *sprinkles over Taurus*

Taurus: fruk, MY EYES *has cinnamon in eyes*

Cancer: my smol cinnamon roll. *hugs cinnamon roll*

Taurus: O-o

Kate: @phan_triggerd dares Aquarius and Gemini to do 7 minutes in heaven

Gemini: *grabs Aquarius and dips him/her* let's go, milady~ (it's even better if you imagine Aquarius as a guy XD)

~ in closet ~

Gemini: You'd think they'd clean out the closet first .-.

Aquarius: what even is all this? *goes through all pockets*

Gemini: Kate's flannel shirts and hoodies *rummages through pockets too* *pulls out popcorn* *shrugs* *eats it*

Aquarius: *pulls condom out of flannel shirt* *shrieks*

Gemini: *grabs condom* *puts in pocket*

(I feel like I need to inform you guys that I in fact do not own any condoms, nor have I ever owned one XDDD)

~ 7 minutes later, after Gemini's awkward flirting ~

Kate: pls give back my condom, Gemini :(

Gemini: what do you need it for anyway??

Aries: yeah Kate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


(I'd be lying if I said I haven't done this before though XD)

Sagittarius: Mmm hmm... *doesn't believe at all XD*

Kate: It's true, just ask Scorpio, (s)he's helping me! ;-;

Scorpio: *blows condom balloon* :D

Pisces: Without me? ;-;

Kate: Anywhore, @Piper-ces dares Virgo and Pisces to date and make out in front of Scorpio and Scorpio can't ruin the date or making out scene. Damn, you're an evil human being. I love it. I can hear the Scorisces shippers crying in the distance

Libra: *starts laughing*

Scorpio: What's so funny? T_T

Libra: I'm imaging Pisces and Virgo at a fancy restaurant just flirting and being sweet and ignoring poor little Scorpio who's just sitting next to them, watching quietly *laughs*

Sagittarius: Or Virgo and Pisces at the movies, holding hands and sharing popcorn and Scorpio's just sitting behind them, glaring daggers at Virgo *laughs too*

Leo: Or Pisces and Virgo at an amusement park, sitting in a rollarcoaster while Scorpio's just sitting all alone behind them *bursts out laughing*

(I need fanart of all of those scenarios XD)

Cancer: This is what true cruelty is *pats Scorpio's head sadly*

Scorpio: *plots everyone's murder*

Kate: Anyway, let's get started! :D

~ a while later, after everything mentioned above happened ~

Kate: Aaand now they just need to make out. In front of Scorpio.

Scorpio: *already fuming*

Virgo & Pisces: *gets closer and blushes*

Virgo: *pulls Pisces in gently for a kiss*

Pisces: *hesitantly kisses back* (poor Scorpio-senpai, I'm hurting for him/her)

Scorpio: *balls fists* *smoke probably coming out of his/her ears*

Virgo & Pisces: *kisses deeper*

Virgo: *puts hand on Pisces' cheek gently*

(Ok, but, imagine Scorpio being all pissed and jealous at first, but as the kiss deepens, his anger is replaced with sadness and he just kinda watches sadly with big sad eyes and a pain in his chest IM HURTING)

~ after the make out scene because this left me with a hole in my nonexistent heart ~

Kate: *actually hurting* a-anyway, @Geeky-Diva444 dares Aquarius and Scorpio to have a water gun fight

Scorpio: *looks away sadly* i'm not in the mood...

Aquarius: *pulls out condom* Hey Pisces, wanna try out this condom with me? :D

Scorpio: *has 15 water guns ready* bring it bitch

~ later, when Scorpio is drenched in water and Aquarius is happily dry ~

Kate: Damn, Scorpio must really not be feeling good

Aquarius: Even I'm a little worried ._.

Kate: Anyway, @HewwoltsRyan dares Taurus, Aries and Pisces to have an eat off

~ during eat off ~

Taurus: *in the lead*

*ice cream truck drives by*

Taurus: ICE CREAM *runs out*

Aries: *wins eat off*

Kate: well then. @AnimalGirl1213 dares Gemini to kiss his/her crush. Again, I'm gonna let you guys vote on who you want Gemini to kiss :3 gazeHOE dares Scorpio to eat a hot pepper

Scorpio: *eats hot pepper* *crying inside* *falls over and dies*

Kate: @_TiffyCake_ dares Scorpio to be nice to everyone for 10 chapters

Scorpio: *comes back to life* Isn't 10 a bit much...?

Kate: Sorry Scorp :/

Scorpio: :(

Kate: This really isn't your day, is it? :') *pats Scorpio* @RaynMarie23 dares Libra to date Sagittarius

Libra: Eh? For how long? (=゚ω゚)ノ

Kate: I guess that's up to reader-chan~  Anyway, that's all for now. If you have any dares or questions, let me know ^^ And don't forget to vote for who Gemini needs to kiss :3 Bye bye~

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