Truth Or Dare? #16

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Me: "@TheWhiteFlower12 asks everyone: 'if you could be a Pokemon from any region as a pet, who would it be?' Um, I'm really sorry, but I don't know of any pokemons..."

Sagittarius: "Seriously?" *raises brow*

Me: *nods slowly* "Sorry..."

Pisces: "It's ok, Kate." *rubs my back*

Me: *sighs* "Just comment which Pokemon you think the signs would be... I guess... Anyway, @MarshmellowNatalie22 dares Libra to summon Ophiuchus." ((Did I spell that right??))

Libra: (sassily) "Bish, who??"

Virgo: "The long lost 13th zodiac sign."

Libra: "How the fudge I do that??"

Taurus: "Ask Scorpio."

Scorpio: *smirks* *whispers something in Libra's ear*

Libra: *nods* "So all I have to do is--" *whispers*

Scorpio: *nods*

-- 5 minutes later --

*Ophiuchus walks into the room*

Ophiuchus: "Well, I'd like to stay but I've gotta go." *winks at Sagittarius* (whispers) "Call me."

Sagittarius: *blushes*

Ophiuchus: *leaves*

Me: "Um... Ok... @amb_13 dares Virgo to drink Leo's pee."

Virgo: "WHAT?!?!" *voice incredibly high-pitched*

Leo: "Ha, payback's a bi**h!"

Virgo: "WHAT I EVER DO TO YOU?!" *turns to me* "Please, I'll do anything!"

Me: *smirks* "I dare you to be Aries' slave until the end of this chapter."

Virgo: "Fine, I'll do it."

Aries: *smirks* "Fetch me some water, servant."

Virgo: *sighs* *leaves room*

Me: "@Zodiacs_forever dares Virgo to roll on the floor for five minutes."

Virgo: *comes back with water bottle and hands it to Aries*

Me: "Virgo, you have to--"

Virgo: (emotionlessly) "I know." *rolls around on the floor*

-- 3 minutes later --

Virgo: "...This is getting boring." *continues rolling*

-- 2 minutes later --

Me: "Times up."

Virgo: "Thank God." *gets up from floor*

Aries: "I'm hungry. I need a sandwich, slave."

Virgo: *sighs loudly* (mutters) "Kill me now..." *leaves into kitchen*

Me: "Ok, that's all for now. Next up is a cook off. Comment who you want to make good or bad food. And remember to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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