T or D 2! #4

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Kate: Hiya and welcome back! First off, just a reminder that Capricorn has to be evil for 6 more days. Also, I told you guys to vote for who Cancer should kiss/make out with, and... it was a tie between Aries and Taurus... Who to choose? .-.

Aries: *kisses Cancer*

(Arcangel9821 I thought you'd enjoy this ;3)

Cancer: ...O////O

Taurus: *kisses Cancer too*

Kate: Oh my, Cancer's gettin' popular~ @AliCatKitty37 dares all the signs to confess their love to their crush, and they have to be with each other for 5 chapters

Virgo: *grabs book-senpai* I... I... *deep breath* I LOVE YOU, BOOK-SENPAI!! >////<

Capricorn: *steals book* I-I love you more, book-senpai! >////<

Book-senpai: it's ok, ladies/boys, there's enough of me to go around~

Taurus: bed-senpai, there's something I haven't told you... I-I love you... Oh, you love me too? Yay :D *flops on bed* *sleeps*

(Taurus is too relatable)

Kate: I'll leave the rest up to your imagination~ @sempaipies dares Aries to be nice the whole time and when (s)he talks, it must be a compliment

Aries: fu-- I mean *grits teeth* thank you for the wonderful dare, reader-chan...

Kate: This is gonna be fun~ gazeHOE dares Scorpio to call Aquarius sir all day

Aquarius: >:)

Scorpio: :(

Kate: @BadgerWolf dares Virgo and Capricorn to do 7 minutes in heaven

Virgo: c-can I bring book-senpai...? ;-;

Kate: *sighs* fine... but please don't have a threesome in my closet...

Book-senpai: can't make any promises~

~ 7 minutes later~

Virgo & Capricorn: *comes out of closet with messy hair and clothes*

Kate: :(((

Virgo & Capricorn: sorry, author-chan...

Kate: @xxOliviaEpicxx dares Aquarius to try to carry Aries bridal style

Aquarius: easy *picks up Aries*

Aries: O////O put me down!! T^T

Leo: *cough* compliment *cough cough*

Aries: put me down, dear friend!!

Aquarius: huehue why should I~?

Aries: because, smart and beautiful/handsome Aquarius, I'll steal Satan from you if you don't *^*

Aquarius: *puts down Aries* =3=

Kate: @RebeLibra dares Libra not to be too clingy to Leo *flashbacks of old T or D series* *shivers* believe me, I am not gonna do that again :') @RebeLibra also dares Scorpio to run around the road screaming "I'm gay for Aquarius" with a shirt that says "#AQUABRO" for a straight 5 minutes of his/her life. Hehe. Scorpio has to call Aquarius "sir" too :3

Scorpio: Please kill me and take me out of my misery. *puts on #AQUABRO shirt* *goes outside* I'M GAY FOR SIR AQUARIUS

Cancer: this is a beautiful sight.

Aquarius: i'd be gay for me too ;3

~ 5 minutes later ~

Scorpio: i'm scarred for life *turns to Aquarius* you'll be paying for my therapy bills

Kate: @mangofruit_ dares Aries and Scorpio to kiss for a minute just for fun *clutches heart*

~ a minute later ~

Cancer: *pats Pisces* there there...

Kate: Don't worry Pisces, this hurt me too :') _UnicornChan_ dares everyone to watch Little Einstein because why not

Everyone: *watches Little Einstein*

Kate: @RonjaLee dares Scorpio and Pisces to go on a date

Scorpio: I've been planning this for a long time huehue >:3 *grabs Pisces' hand and runs off*

~ hours later ~

Leo: why are they still not back .-.

Gemini: And where did Cancer and Libra go?

Taurus: Oh, you didn't see? They followed after Scorpio and Pisces with fake mustaches and disguises

Sagittarius: why does that not surprise me

Cancer & Libra: *walks in sadly*

Cancer: *pulls off fake mustache* we lost them... T_T

Libra: *pulls out phone* at least I got a lot of picture for my fan page :')

Leo: show me show me show me~!! *grabs Libra's phone* aww... how sweet... now I wanna go on a date ;-;

Gemini: same, let's go! *pulls Leo away*

Aries: ...what just happened

Scorpio & Pisces: *comes back holding hands (sorry, not sorry :3)*

Sagittarius: How'd it go, give us all the juicy details~

Pisces: we'll leave that up to reader-chan's imagination :3

Kate: anyway, @RonjaLee also dares Pisces to unleash his/her inner otaku and his/her f*cked up side

Pisces: *squeals* okie, follow me~! *takes everyone to his/her manga library*

Taurus: Pisces... what is this place and whY DID YOU NEVER SHOW ME THIS

Pisces: sorry, I wanted to make sure my precious manga collection is safe ^^ *picks up Attack on Titan volume* *squeals* Levi~!! ^~^

Capricorn: Now we just need Pisces to let out his/her f*cked up side

Pisces: Hmm~? But I can't let it out on my own, I need something to bring it out, like a trigger ^^

Aquarius: I know what to do *grabs Scorpio's shirt* *pulls him/her in for a kiss*

Pisces: w-what are you doing?! *eyes darkens*

Aquarius: *continues*

Pisces: let go of him/her! *pulls out kitchen knife*

Virgo: woah woah woah where'd (s)he get that knife from--

Aquarius: (s)he's mine now~ >:)

Pisces: *starts laughing* YOU WANNA DIE~?! *psycho grin*


Pisces: *continues laughing*

Scorpio: *hugs Pisces*

Pisces: *drops knife* *hugs back* w-what happened...?

Taurus: Note to self, never f*ck with Pisces O_O

(we all know each and every Pisces has a messed up/yandere side XD)

Kate: well, this is a nice way of ending this chapter. Until next time~

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