Truth Or Dare? #13

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Me: "@ScorpioMelon dares Aqua to jump into a pit of scorpions."

Scorpio: "Hehehe... Poisonous scorpions..."

Aquarius: "Wha--HELL NO!"

Me: "Don't worry, their not poisonous."

Aquarius: *whimpers*

-- 5 minutes later --

Aquarius: *shivers*

Aries: "It hurts, right?"

Aquarius: *nods shakily*

Me: "@isavanell dares Aquarius and Aries to jump off a cliff."

Aquarius: "WHAT?!"

Aries: "Ha, your scared."

Aquarius: "Pfft. No."

-- 5 minutes later --

Aquarius: "Thank God there was mattresses at the bottom."

Aries: "I would've been fine without."

Virgo: "We all know that's not true."

Me: "HMDgamer06 dares Scorpio to punch Aquarius."

Scorpio: *smirks* "Hehe... I'm not holding back..."

Aquarius: *whimpers*

Scorpio: *punches Aquarius as hard as he/she can*

Aquarius: *falls back*

Me: "HMDgamer06 dares Cancer to dance to Uptown Funk."

Cancer: "Yay!" *dances to Uptown Funk*

Pisces: "Whoo! You go, girl/man!"

*end of dancing*

Me: "HMDgamer06 dares me to...kiss...Scorpio..." *blushes*

Scorpio: *rolls eyes* *kisses me*

Me: *eyes widens*

Pisces: *looks down sadly*

*end of kiss*

Me: *clears throat* "Ok, @Sarsters dares Scorpio to not look or talk to Pisces for an hour."

Pisces and Scorpio: *looks down sadly*

Me: "@CatCatXC dares Sagittarius and Libra to kiss."

Libra and Sagittarius: *blushes* *kisses*

Leo: *is actually a little jealous*

Me: "@GRACE_FLOWER dares everyone to play 7 Minutes In Heaven with the person they hate. We'll continue this in the next part."

Virgo: "Why not have it in this part?"

Me: "'Cause I want reader-chan to choose who'll be with who!"

Virgo: "...Ok..."

Me: "Comment or PM me who you want to the signs to hate! And don't forget questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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