Truth Or Dare? #30

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Me: @Elena8910 dares Taurus to kiss Cancer passionately.

Taurus: *grabs a hold of the blushing Cancer and presses his/her lips against his/her own*

Cancer: *is shocked, before kissing back*

Me and Pisces: *wipes away drool before anyone can see it* (Pisceans are very perverted, believe me... I'm one of them)

Me: O-ok... *clears throat awkwardly* @TileTor34 dares Virgo, Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius, Scorpio and Pisces to share how they really feel about their crushes. *looks over at Virgo to tell him/her to start*

Virgo: I have no time for girls/boys. *continues reading book*

Gemini: So... You do like someone~?

Virgo: *blushes slightly* Of course not, you idiot! *gently flicks Gemini's forehead*

Gemini: *sniffs* *walks to Leo* Virgo hurt me and called me an idiot! *tears up*

Leo: There, there... *pulls Gemini into a hug and rubs his/her back soothingly*

Me: *turns to Capricorn* Your turn, Cap.

Capricorn: *crosses arms and looks away while blushing* Pfft, I don't like anyone.

Libra: Pah-lease! We all know you have a thing for Virgo!

Capricorn: I do not!

Everyone else in unison: Yeah you do.

Capricorn: Fine! Maybe I have teeny crush, but that's it! It's not like I love him/her, or anything.

Gemini: Well...

Capricorn: Shut it, you idiot!

Gemini: *cries into Leo's chest* They're all so mean! *sobs*

Me: Your turn, Aries.

Aries: *trembles and sweats, mentally panicking* (very fast) I-It's not like I like Aquarius or anything! W-why'd you say that?! *laughs nervously*

Me: ...I didn't say anything...

Aries: Ok, fine, maybe I like him/her a little! But how can I not? He/she's so nice and funny and beautiful/handsome, and-- *rambles on about the blushing Aquarius for five minutes*

Me: ...We didn't need to know all that... *turns to Aquarius* Your turn.

Aquarius: *fondles with sleeves while blushing* I-I like how Aries looks all strong and intimidating, but is actually a softy and really insecure...

Aries: *blushes* I'm not a softy! Or insecure!

Leo: *smirks* But that's not your only crush~... *wiggles eyebrows at Aquarius*

Aquarius: Y-YES IT IS!! *sweats nervously*

Virgo: We all know you have a thing for Pisces.

Aquarius: I do not! *blushes deeply*

Scorpio: *growls* *pulls Pisces closer* Mine.

Me: Since Aquarius is in no mood for confessing his/her undying love for Pisces, Scorpio can now continue.

Scorpio: *looks up/down at Pisces and smiles warmly* I love everything about him/her...

Pisces: *blushes slightly and tears up, smiling back sweetly* I love everything about you, too...

*Scorpio pulls Pisces into a hug, as Pisces cries into Scorpio's chest*

Me: *wipes away tear* That was... BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, @TileTor34 dares Gemini to jump into a pool with schools of fishes.

Gemini: *looks over at Pisces suspiciously* This is not the end, fish! *runs outside and jumps into pool that randomly appeared while still fully clothed, yelling "come at me, bi***es" to the fish*

Me: .... Anyway, @TileTor34 dares Pisces to summon a demon and Scorpio summon an angel.

Pisces: I can't summon a demon! *tears up*

Scorpio: *grabs Pisces' hands and smiles gently* I believe in you.

Cancer: STOP WITH LOVEY-DOVEY STUFF, MY HEART CAN'T HANDLE IT! *runs outside and jumps into pool, landing on top of Gemini who had almost made his/her way out*

*An angel and Bob suddenly appear*

Scorpio: Yo, long time no see, Bob! *high-fives Bob*

Me: Anyway, that's all for now. Feel free to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Until next time, bye bye~!

All the signs: Bye~!

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