Taurus (f) x Libra (m): New Year's Eve

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Libra pulled Taurus closer, the sounds of fireworks surrounding them as they watched the fireworks from Sagittarius' porch. He had decided to throw a New Year's Eve party and invited all the zodiacs. A blush grew across Taurus' face as she cuddled closer to her boyfriend.

"Here you are," Pisces breathed out, leaning against the doorframe as she watched Taurus and Libra cuddle. Taurus looked back at Pisces, blushing once more as she buried her face in Libra's arm.

"And here you are," Scorpio said, wrapping an arm around Pisces and kissing her forehead, causing her to giggle.

"It's so romantic," Pisces said dreamily as she watched the fireworks, Scorpio's arm still on her waist. She turned her attention back to Taurus and Libra.

"We should leave them be," Pisces whispered to Scorpio, who nodded in response, before they both walked away hand-in-hand. Taurus instantly cuddled into Libra, causing him to have a faint blush on his cheeks. He looked down at Taurus, and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead before turning his attention back to the fireworks.

After all, it was New Year's Eve.


Happy New Years, everybody!

I'm sorry... I couldn't resist it... I had to have some Pisces x Scorpio fluff... Oh well.

This was all I had time to write... Sorry... But hey, at least I was able to post something New Year's Eve related while it's New Year's Eve!

- Kate ⭐️

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