Truth Or Dare? #35

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A/N: I wrote down the questions/dares a long time ago, so if your username has changed since then and I write your old user, just tell me and I'll change it (=ω)

Me: @ThePigWhoWrites dares everyone to make Capricorn cry. But first, Gemini has to slap Pisces.

Pisces: *winces*

Me: Twice.

Pisces: *winces louder*

Gemini: MUHAHA~! *slaps Pisces twice* I could totally get used to this

Me: Anyway, time for everyone to make Capricorn cry.

Aries: Marco

Gemini: Yukine

Sagittarius: Levi

Leo: *snickers* Yo mama...

Gemini: lmao *high fives Leo*

Cancer: Alois

Pisces: Hide

Taurus: Holy Roman Empire

Capricorn: Really? You expect me to cry over stupid anime characters--


Capricorn: *eyes water, whimpers* That poor, poor boy... *sniffs* He's been through so much crap... *a single tear runs down cheek*

Libra: *whips away tear* I know...

Me: @Shadowkatana77777 dares Libra to assassinate one of the other signs in the most amusing way by herself.

Leo: Ooh, pick me, pick me! ^^

Libra: *smirks evilly* I'm gonna need a tub of melted chocolate...!

-- 20 minutes later --

*Libra and Leo comes back, Leo's covered in melted chocolate*

Leo: Heh, I'm lucky I can't die

Virgo: Wouldn't you like to wash off?

Leo: It's melted chocolate, why the heck would I want to wash that off?

Libra: *licks Leo's cheek*

Taurus: *licks Leo's hand*

Cancer: *licks Leo's clothes*

Leo: Wtf I'm not an all-you-can-eat buffet, get off me!! *pushes off the signs*

Me: @Neonpegasus44 dares Virgo and Leo to get together

Virgo, Leo: *doesn't really care*

Me: @Marien111 dares Sagittarius to jump into a pool full of sweets with his/her crush

Sagittarius: Yay~! *grabs Libra's hand* Let's go, sweetie~! *dives into pool with Libra*

Libra: *is confused but goes along with it*

Leo: *fumes*

Aries: You can't be jealous Leo, you have a boy/girlfriend XD

Leo: *blushes, crosses arms* Pfft, I'm not jealous *looks away*

Gemini: Sure

Me: @_Penguins_1996_ dares Scorpio and Pisces to get back together

Pisces: Aren't we already? (=゚ω゚)ノ

Me: Heck if I knew, I haven't read through these chapters in forever...

Aries: Wait what? Chapters??

Virgo: Nice going, Kate -_-"

Me: Ehe, anyway, Pisces and Scorpio are officially a couple, whether or not they were from before XD @Lance_Blackhawk7 dares Cancer to tell all the signs what he/she thinks about each individual one of them

Cancer: Ooh, ok! I think Aries has some anger issues, but he/she means well ^^

Aries: Oh, wow, thanks, I wasn't expecting anything nice

Cancer: Taurus is my little cinnamon roll~ ^w^

Taurus: *blushes* I'm not a cinnamon roll...

Cancer: Gemini is an adorable spawn of Satan that I ship with Leo--

Gemini & Leo: ....what *blushes lightly*

Cancer: I think Leo is actually really insecure even though he/she seems confident

Leo: N-no, pfft...

Cancer: Virgo is super funny--

Virgo: Funny? ...Are you sure?

Cancer: Libra is so sweet~

Leo & Sagittarius: *daydreams* I know... *glares at each other*

Cancer: Scorpio is on my good side as long as he/she doesn't hurt my precious Pisces, Sagittarius is so optimistic and fun to be around, I feel bad for Capricorn 'cause he/she keeps getting friendzoned--

Capricorn: Pfft, no... *daydreams about Virgo*

Cancer: Aquarius is so awesome--

Aquarius: *turns to Scorpio* HA!! Told ya!!

Scorpio: *rolls eyes*

Cancer: And Pisces is my precious little cinnamon roll~ ^w^ Hurt him/her and you'll have to deal with me *dark aura appears*

Me: Anyway, that's all we have time for now. If you have any questions or dares for the signs, let me know. Until next time, bye~

All signs: Bye~!

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