Truth Or Dare? #25

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Me: "@Matilda_S dares Scorpio and Pisces, and Taurus and Cancer to get back together."

Scorpio: *smiles widely* *rushes to Pisces and hugs him/her* "Yay! We're together again!"

Cancer: *holds Taurus protectively and glares at Aquarius* "Mine!"

Me: "@HashTagGamerTag dares Taurus and Virgo to get together."

Cancer: *cries* "Why?! I just got back together with him/her!" *holds Taurus harder*

Me: "Sorry, Cancer, but it's a dare."

Cancer: *whimpers* *lets go of Taurus* *cries on Pisces' shoulder*

Me: "@Sparklaxy dares Libra to skydive with Leo and Aries."

Libra: *squeals* "Yay! Isn't it gonna be fun, Leo?! It's gonna be so romantic!"

Leo: "What's so romantic about skydiving?"

Libra: *sighs dreamily* "Everything..."

-- half an hour later --

Me: "How'd it go?"

Libra: *squeals* "It was so fun! Don't you think so, Leo?!"

Leo: "Meh."

Aries: *crosses arms* "It was boring! Libra kept flirting with Leo!"

Libra: "But I love my Leo-senpai!" *hugs Leo*

Me: "...@MA_kitty dares Aquarius and Pisces to have a chilli-eating competition."

Aquarius: *cracks knuckles* *smirks at Pisces* "Bring it on!"

Pisces: *whimpers*

-- 10 minutes later --

Aquarius: *burps loudly* "I thought you were gonna bring it on?" *smirks at Pisces*

Pisces: *sticks tongue out*

Me: "Anyway, this is all the requests I have so far, so we'll end it here! Remember to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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