Gemini (f) x Neko! Sagittarius (m): The Blonde Boy

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The boy in the picture is Sagittarius!


Gemini grabbed her coat before turning off the lights in the café, since she was always the last to leave. She grabbed the keys from her pocket as she opened the door, making a small jingle.

She took a step out, instantly hearing a pained meow as she felt something under her foot and quickly moved it as she brought her gaze to the ground under her and gasped, seeing a boy with dirty blonde hair laying on the ground.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't see you--" Gemini stopped once she noticed the cat ears popping out of the boy's head and the tail sticking out of his jeans. The boy had opened his eyes by then, showing his emerald green eyes.

"Were you...sleeping?" Gemini asked, titling her head as she looked down at the cat-boy on the ground.

"I was until you woke me," he explained a little coldly. But who likes being woken up? He sat up and rubbed his eyes, before looking at the girl in front of him. She was tiny and skinny, with wavy brown hair, baby blue eyes and a beautiful tan. He instantly stood up.

"Can you please let me in?" He asked cutely with pleading eyes that no one could resist. "I'm thirsty, and cold, and tired..." He started shaking, and Gemini realized he wasn't wearing a jacket. Which must've been cold, considering it was December and currently freezing out.

"O-ok," Gemini replied, pushing the door open and standing aside for the boy to come in. The boy's ears perked up as a smile stretched across his face, before rushing inside to the warmth.

Gemini watched as the boy ran to one of the crimson booths and cuddled against the window, shivering slightly. She shut the door, before heading to the kitchen and grabbing a glass of milk.

The boy had closed his eyes as a smile formed on his adorable face, finally getting warm after being outside in the freezing snow. He opened his eyes when he heard a glass come in contact with the table in front of him, seeing a glass of milk as Gemini slid into the booth across from him.

The boy instantly grabbed the glass, taking a few sips before setting the glass down again. Gemini watched intently, still wondering what exactly the boy in front of her even was.

"I'm Gemini," she introduced, deciding a little small talk would be nice and earning a happy smile from the blonde.

"I'm Sagittarius!" The boy explained happily. "But you can call me Sagi!"

"I don't mean to be rude or anything," Gemini started, her eyes wandering from Sagittarius' ears to his tail. "But what exactly are you?"

"I'm a neko!" Sagittarius replied, just as happy as he pointed at his cat ears. "Duh." He let out a giggle as he let his hand drop to his lap.

Gemini watched as Sagittarius took a sip of his milk and place the cup down before snuggling against the window again. He closed his eyes and a smile formed on his peaceful face. Gemini could even hear purring.

"Why were you sleeping outside?" Gemini asked. It wasn't in a mean way or anything, she was simply curious. "Don't you have a home?"

"Of course I have a home," the blonde neko stated happily, opening his eyes to look at the brunette in front of him with a smile. "There's a really comfy box in the alley over there!" He pointed out the window and across the street. Gemini couldn't help but feel a little bad for the adorable neko as she saw a small box in the alley.

"It is a little tiny, and I'm quite lonely, but I have mister Mouse to keep me company!" Sagittarius talked so happy, like he really didn't care that he didn't have a home. "He can't talk though, sadly, but at least he sleeps next to me!"

Gemini looked over at the happy blonde sympathetically, who still had a happy expression stretched over his adorable face.

Sagittarius took another sip of his milk before cuddling against the window again, his happy smile never leaving his peaceful face. Gemini thought for a while, before an idea crossed her mind and she immediately perked up.

"Why don't you stay with me?" Gemini suddenly asked, causing Sagittarius to open his eyes and sit up, keeping a straight face.

"Seriously...?" He asked, like Gemini would be joking. It scared Gemini a little that he didn't have his happy smile, and instead had a stern expression.

Gemini nodded happily, her smile only widening as her eyes sparkled with hope. Sagittarius' expression lightened up, before he slouched back against the booth sadly.

"Then mister Mouse will get lonely..." He explained sadly, feeling a bit sympathetic for the mouse.

"I bet he has other friends to be with," Gemini said, causing the blonde to perk up.

"In that case... Ok, I'll stay with you!" Gemini smiled widely, happy to not be alone in her tiny apartment.



"Gemmy...?" Gemini opened her eyes, sitting up from her oh-so-comfy bed when she saw a certain blonde standing in the doorway. She rubbed her eyes, grumbling a faint "what".

"I can't sleep," Sagittarius explained, making puppy-, or in this case, kitty eyes at Gemini, hoping she'd let him keep her company. Gemini patted the spot next to her, causing Sagittarius to perk up and run towards the bed, jumping on it and getting under the blankets with Gemini, who laid back down, her back facing the neko.

Gemini gasped quietly when she felt something on her waist, looking down and seeing Sagittarius with his head rested on her waist. Gemini smiled, laying on her back as Sagittarius moved his head on her stomach, cuddling against her.

Gemini petted Sagittarius' hair, a smile stretching across her face as she heard purring. She closed her eyes, waiting for sleep to take over.

She was about to fall asleep when she felt something wet on her cheek. She opened her eyes and realized Sagittarius had licked her, causing a light tint of pink to form on her cheeks.

"Thank you for letting me stay with you," Sagittarius mumbled into Gemini's stomach.

A smile crossed Gemini's sleepy expression. "Any time."


I guess there wasn't that much fluff in this one shot, huh? I'd be more than happy to make a part two, but only if it's requested.

While we're on that topic, any requests?

- Kate♓️

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