Truth Or Dare? #5

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Me: "@LillyBrooke asks who the signs would kiss, kill and marry. You start, Aries."

Aries: "I would marry Aquarius because he/she's the least annoying, kiss Libra 'cause he/she's hot, and kill Virgo 'cause he/she always corrects my grammar."

Virgo: "Well sorry for helping!"

Taurus: "I'd marry Cancer 'cause he/she's my crush, kiss Gemini 'cause he/she's cute, and kill Leo for being selfish."

Leo: "Hey! I'm not selfish! I'm just saying that if you were on fire and I had the last bucket of water on the planet, I'd drink it."

Gemini: "I'd marry Libra 'cause he/she's hot, kiss Sagittarius 'cause he/she's hot, and kill Leo 'cause he/she's hotter than me."

Leo: "Why does everyone want to kill me...?"

Cancer: "I'd marry Pisces 'cause he/she's would treat me well, kiss Taurus for being my crush, and kill Aries."

Aries: "What I do?"

Virgo: (corrects) "What did I do."

Aries: "See what I'm talking about?"

Cancer: "I'd kill you because your always angry and mean."

Aries: "Good point."

Leo: "I'd marry myself for being the hottest being on the planet, kiss Libra, and kill Taurus for killing me."

Virgo: "I'd marry Capricorn for being the second smartest being here, kiss Taurus, and kill Leo for killing Taurus."

Leo: "No fair, I'm getting killed 3 times!"

Libra: "I'd marry Leo for being my crush, kiss Leo for being my crush, and kill Leo for not marrying me."

Leo: "4 times!!"

Scorpio: "I'd marry Pisces 'cause I love him/her, kiss Pisces 'cause I'd never cheat on him/her, and kill Aquarius for kissing Pisces."

Sagittarius: "I'd marry no one 'cause being single is better, kiss Leo for being hot, and kill Cancer for being so emotional."

Cancer: "I'm sorry..." *tears up*

Pisces: "You made Cancer cry!" *rubs Cancer's back*

Sagittarius: "Sorry..."

Capricorn: "I'd marry Virgo, kiss Libra, and kill Aries."

Aries: "Why?!"

Capricorn: "For killing Virgo."

Aquarius: "I'd marry Aries for being hot, kiss Pisces 'cause he/she's a good kisser, and kill Scorpio for killing me."

Pisces: "I'd marry Scorpio, kiss Scorpio 'cause I would never cheat on him, and kill Sagittarius for making Cancer cry."

Me: "I'd marry--"

Aries: "Your not a zodiac!"

Me: "I know that, but I want to do it anyway!"

Aries: *sighs* "Fine."

Me: "I'd marry Scorpio 'cause I'm a Pisces, kiss Scorpio 'cause I'm a Pisces, and kill no one."

Scorpio: (flirty) *smirks* "So your a Pisces?"

Pisces: "Yeah, so am I!" *pulls Scorpio away*

Me: "Anyway, @LillyBrooke dares Pisces to kiss Scorpio."

Pisces: "Easy." *grabs Scorpio and kisses him*

Scorpio: *eyes widens* *blushes* *kisses back*

Leo: *stares* "Um, I have to go do something!" *rushes to the bathroom* (from bathroom) "Oh, look, a penny!"

Pisces: *lets Scorpio go*

Scorpio: *blushes deeply*

Me: "@LillyBrooke asks Pisces who's a better kisser out of Scorpio and Aquarius."

Pisces: "Scorpio, definitely." *smirks at Scorpio*

Scorpio: *blushes deeper*

Me: "I also have a question for you, Pisces. Why are you flirty all of a sudden?"

Pisces: *stops smirking* *blushes*

Me: "There's the Pisces I know. Anyway, that's all for now. Remember to comment or PM me truths or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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