Yandere! Pisces (f) x Scorpio (m) SNEAK PEAK

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This is what happens when it's almost 10 o'clock and all I can think about is creepypasta and psychopaths because Halloween is nearing and I'm listening to the darkest songs on my Spotify playlist...

And I've been in a creepypasta-slash-Mirai Nikki phase ^^

Anyway, this is just a sneak peak (as seen in title lol) :3 If you don't know what yandere means, then be prepared for a bit of a shock... XDD

WARNING: Heh, a bit dark XD Curse words, a little gore and a psychopath ^^


Pisces dropped the knife in shock.

This wasn't supposed to happen...


Pisces rushed to her mother's side, turning her over so she was facing her before seeing her mother's shirt was stained red, drenched in her own blood.

"N-no...!" Tears threatened to escape Pisces' eyes as she looked down at her hands, seeing they were covered in the blood she had spilled. She backed away from the corpse until her back was touching the wall, breathing heavily as she couldn't take her eyes off her now dead mother.

What have I done...?

Pisces shook her head in disbelief; she was fine just a second ago. Next thing she knows, she's holding a bloody knife over her mother...

Pisces searched the deepest depths of her mind, but she just couldn't remember what had happened, like it had been erased from her memory. Pisces would've never done anything like this, everyone knew that.

Why am I not crying...?

Pisces' eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She always cried to the smallest things, how could she not cry over her own mother's death? She wasn't sad in the slightest. If anything, she was relieved.

After her dad left them, her mom had taken her pain out on Pisces. She would get depressed, get drunk, and take it out on her own daughter. She lost her job and refused to leave the house, leaving Pisces to do all the work for her.

And whenever it got too much for Pisces to handle, she would get punished.

Pisces clenched her fists in anger; she hated that bitch. She hated her with all her guts. She deserved a fate worse than death.

She stood up and walked over to her mother, tilting her head slightly and looking down at her.

I wish she was still alive so she could feel this...

Pisces picked up the knife before plunging it straight into her mother's chest with all her strength. Her lips twitched into a sick grin, chuckling slightly under her breath.

She no longer felt angry; she felt nothing.

"I couldn't be your perfect little girl, mommy...~"

Pisces pulled the knife out of her mother's chest, smiling down at her.

"I tried, but nothing was good enough for you~!"

She sat down on her knees next to her mom, holding the kitchen knife over her mangled form.

"You learned your lesson now, didn't you~?!"

Pisces plunged the knife into her mother's chest again, laughing manically as the blood squirted onto her clothes. She didn't care how dirty and bloody she was turning, she loved the feeling of blood on her hands.

"Being bad just feels so much better~"


I was just so excited over this, I HAD to publish a sneak peak XD

And... Since I have such a big idea for this... I was thinking I might make this into a book...

So, any ideas~? It'll help me continue faster~ 😉

Until next time~!

- Kate ⭐️

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