Haunted House (part 2)

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Females: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Males: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius


"So... What now?"

Silence filled the room as the remaining signs tried to think of an idea.

"We're in a supposedly haunted house," Capricorn stated. "It's obvious we should explore." Everyone else let out a "oh" in unison, realizing Capricorn had a good point.

"Let's just divide into two groups of fours, so we're not walking around like the awkward group of people we are," Capricorn continued, cringing slightly at the thought of all twelve signs walking around the house and trying to get through tight spaces at once.

"I'm with Cancer!" Pisces instantly exclaimed, grabbing a hold of Cancer's arm who stiffened at first, but quickly relaxed, feeling slightly safer now that her best friend was right beside her.

"Then Aquarius and Scorpio can come along with you two," Virgo explained. Aquarius seemed happy to join the water signs as she walked towards them, but didn't get far as Libra pulled her back.

"Aquarius is staying with us!" Libra demanded, her hand still firmly gripping Aquarius' arm as if she'd leave if she didn't. "Taurus, you can be with them."

"Wha--" Taurus was cut off by Libra as she pushed the brunette towards Pisces and Cancer, almost tripping over in the process. Taurus turned around to send a death glare at Libra, before straightening herself up and positioning next to the water sign girls, who seemed happy to be with the brunette.

Despite everyone thinking he would do the opposite, Scorpio found his place next to Pisces without a fight. You would think Scorpio wanted to be a part of that group, if it wasn't for the stern expression on his face as he nonchalantly placed his hands in his hoodie pockets.

"We'll go this way," Capricorn explained, pointing to a door to her right. "And you guys go that way." Capricorn pointed to the path in front of her, before letting her arm drop to her side.

"Got it?" She asked sternly as she looked over at the water signs plus Taurus. Pisces and Cancer gulped, instantly nodding their head fearfully. "Good." Capricorn let out a sigh, before walking off to the door to her right, not even waiting for the others to catch up.


"So, why exactly are we exploring this place, anyway?" Aquarius asked, looking over at Capricorn, who had taken the role as leader.

"Because Aries convinced us that this was the best way to spend our Halloween," Capricorn explained, keeping her eyes forward as she focused on the road in front of her. "We wouldn't be in this mess if that idiot hadn't run off in the first place."

"But I thought Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius were looking for him?" Libra pointed out, making it sound more like a question than a statement as she tilted her head to the side slightly in confusion.

"They are," Virgo explained. "But you can't trust those braindead idiots with anything."

"Then why did we let them look for Aries in the first place?" Capricorn and Virgo kept silent for a while, trying to think of an answer.

"Good point," Virgo eventually gave in, keeping his eyes fixated on the road in front of him as he walked beside the brunette "leader". Libra let out a proud "hmph" as she straightened her back and walked with her chin up, obviously satisfied with - what she had taken as a compliment - from Virgo.

Libra walked proudly behind the trio, slowing down as her eyes caught something on the wall next to her and making her way towards it.

Aquarius noticed the blonde bundle of joy was no longer following behind her, and poked Capricorn and Virgo, causing them to turn around and see Libra farther away, reaching out for a lever that hung on the wall.

"Libra, I told you not to touch--" Capricorn was cut off as Libra pulled the lever, causing the floor beneath her to disappear and she fell with a scream, before a thud was heard and the screaming came to a stop.

The trio seemed to freeze, their brains trying to process what they had just witnessed, before they were knocked back to reality and a fearful expression crossed their faces as they stared at the spot where Libra once stood.



Tip tap. Tip tap. Tip tap.

All was silent, except for the sound of shoes touching the wood floor with each step and the occasional whimper from Pisces or Cancer, who held onto each other for their dear lifes.

Taurus and Scorpio led the way, walking nonchalantly down the long hallway. They seemed completely calm about the whole situation, unlike Pisces and Cancer.

The floor creaked beneath Scorpio, causing both Pisces and Cancer to gasp and jump. Scorpio let out a growl before turning around quickly to face the two girls.


Scorpio was cut off by a door creaking loudly, and turned around to see Taurus had found the kitchen. Taurus looked over at the water signs trio with a calm expression, before heading into the kitchen, the trio following after.

All four of them jumped when the door slammed behind them.

"I-I swear, I didn't touch the door!" Cancer explained, who happened to be the last one to walk in — and the closest to the door. Scorpio sent Cancer a glare, as if to say he didn't believe her, before letting it go and softening his glare.

"Look for a light switch or flashlight or something," he ordered, before rummaging through the cupboards. Pisces started looking through the drawers, Taurus looked around the counters and Cancer went to examine a small nearby table.


Cancer had found a flashlight in a pile of random things on the table, and held it up to examine it. She pushed a button to turn it on, and shone it forward, to a wall. Her entire face went pale as her eyes widened, before collapsing to the ground, dropping the flashlight in the process.

"C-Cancer?" Pisces asked quietly, looking up from the drawer she was rummaging through after hearing a thud. Taurus and Scorpio both looked over at Pisces after not getting an answer, and turned around to see where Cancer had been standing, to see she wasn't there.

Taurus walked over to where Cancer had been and picked up the still-on flashlight, as Scorpio and Pisces followed behind. Taurus shone the flashlight around the room, stopping when she came across the wall.

All color had been drained from the trio's faces as they stared at the wall.

"I see you" had been written on the wall with bloody letters.


This took forever to write...

Anyway, any ideas for the next part? Tell me!

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- Kate ⭐️

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