Late Easter Special Featuring The Zodiacs!

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Genders: Anything you'd like! ^3^

Aries: Hello, Reader-Chan!

Leo (suspiciously): You seem chipper...

Libra: *smacks Leo's arm* (whispers) Don't jinx it!

Aries: Why do you guys always act like I can't be happy? Is it a crime?!

Gemini: *wraps an arm around Aries* Aries, dude/dudette, cool your beans. They just find your happy face...weird.

Aries: What's wrong with my happy face?!

Libra: N-nothing! *waves hands frantically* W-we just don't see it often...

Aries: "Don't see it often"?? I'm always happy!

Sagittarius: *snorts*

Aries: *turns to Sagittarius* *glares* No one asked for your opinion.

Gemini: Cool your beans, dude/dudette--!

Virgo: *cuts off* Weren't we doing something else?! (mutters) I swear I'm the only responsible adult...

Capricorn: (mutters) Speak for yourself...

Virgo: What's that supposed to mean?!

Capricorn: Your a "responsible adult", figure it out.

Virgo: You son of a--!

Cancer: *cuts off* Come on, guys! We're all friends here!

Taurus: *looks up from bag of chips* We are?

Cancer: Wha-- Of course we are! Anyway, what I was gonna say was--

Aquarius: *suddenly barges in with a bunny costume on and a basket of eggs in his/her hands*

Everyone: *silent* *stares at Aquarius*

-- After 5 minutes of awkward staring at Aquarius silently --

Sagittarius: Aqua, what are you even wearing?

Aquarius: It's an astronaut suit-- Obviously I'm a bunny, dumbass! *points at bunny ears* Duh!

Libra: Um, ok, but why are you wearing it? Easter's over--

Aquarius: No shit, Sherlock. *sighs* *looks down sadly* We never did anything for Easter... and Author-Chan never writes about me.. *sniffles*

Sagittarius: Boo-hoo, order a happy meal and get over it! Author-Chan writes even less about me!

Aquarius: 'Cause your an ass! *cries*

Pisces: *rubs Aquarius' back soothingly* There, there...

Aquarius: *sniffles* *hugs Pisces* Thanks, fish... *blows nose on Pisces' shoulder* *stands up straight and let's go of Pisces* Anyway, I thought we could all dress up as bunnies... Here are the costumes. *hands everyone a bunny costume except for Cancer, who got a chicken costume*

Cancer: *glares at the chicken costume, before holding it up* What's the meaning in this?!

Aquarius: They were out of bunny costumes and your the only one who fits in the chicken costume, hehe... *chuckles sheepishly*

Cancer: *growls* Fine...

Gemini: Where did you get these totally awesome and adorable costumes, anyway?

Scorpio: Not importa--

Aquarius: Scorpio knows some people.

Scorpio: Wha-- Aqua, you promised not to tell!

Pisces: *pats Scorpio's back* *sends reassuring smile*

Scorpio: *blushes* *looks away* (A/N: SORRY, NOT SORRY! I bet most of you are sick of the Pisces x Scorpio ship, but sorry, if your gonna read this book your gonna find a lot of this ship!)

Aquarius: Anyway, EVERYONE PUT ON YOUR SUITS (it autocorrected to shits...) AND MEET ME OUTSIDE! *runs outside, dropping Easter eggs in the process and walking into a few walls*

Leo (suspiciously): Someone's chipper...

Libra: *smacks Leo's arm* YOUR GONNA JINX IT, JERK!

Aries: Just put on your stupid suits already.

Everyone: *puts on suits and go outside*

Me: *sitting in a corner, all alone* *sighs* (mutters) It's like I'm a brick wall... Anyway, what Aries was going to say was Happy April Fool's day and late Easter!

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