100 Truths Challenge!!

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I just remembered that I used to have this tag but I deleted it and I regret it so much T_T So I decided to do it again :3

If I remember correctly, you can make your own questions (sure hope so 'cause that's what I did last time lol)

Anyway, i thought maybe this would be a great way for you guys to get to know me ^~^

1. Full name? Kaitlin Annette Davis (as seen in username lolol)

2. Age? 13, turning 14 in a few months T_T (edit, August 2017: I'm in fact 14 now XD)

3. Gender? Grell. Jk, I'm a girl XD (does anyone here even know who Grell is? XD)

4. Birthday? March 9th

5. Zodiac sign? Pisces~ ♓️

6. Height? 158 cm/5"2

7. Siblings? One little sister: HMDgamer06 :3

8. Pets? Had a dog (Rio💖) T_T Now I only have my kitten (Baby❤️) and her big brother (Blacky❤️)

9. What country are you from? America, currently living in Norway XD

10. Where in America are you from? A small state called Delaware (Delawhere? XDDD)

11. Hobbies? Drawing, writing, singing, playing the piano/keyboard, and I used to dance until my dance teacher moved away ;-; Oh, and I used to play handball, and I used to play a little soccer too XD

12. Relationship status? Forever alone XD

13. Biggest secret? I don't really have any secrets, but I guess there's the fact that I'm actually really easily jealous, almost to the point where I seem a little yandere, I just don't show it XDD

14. Biggest dream(s)? Becoming an artist, author, singer (and much more lol), and moving to Canada ^~^ And probably that I'll get to see my BFF again...

15. Food? PIZZAAAAAA and tacos and nachos XD And McDonalds tbh 👌
16. Song(s)? Wayyyyyy too many XD "Battle Scars" by Lupe Fiasco is effing beautiful though T^T And probably every Melanie Martinez song XD
17. Anime(s)? Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin, but I also love Hetalia, The Future Diary/Mirai Nikki and Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
18. Candy? Reese's 😍
19. Anime character(s)? Holy fruk there's too many XD I'll probably have to go with Levi Ackerman (OBVIOUSLY😂) and Kaneki Ken and Dagger, but I also love Hanji Zoe and America and Canada and Ciel Phantomhive and Alois Trancy and there's just way too many XD Levi is bae though 😂👌
20. Animal? Dogs, cats and mini pigs ❤️
21. Season? Summer
22. Holiday? CHRISTMAS!! ❤️❤️
23. Week day? Saturday XD
24. Number? 4 👌

25. Lucky number? 2 and 9 (it was so tempting to write 69 XD)

Least favorite...
26. Week day? Believe it or not, Friday XD I have horrible classes at school that day T_T
27. Number? EVERY ODD NUMBER 😭
28. Anime character(s)? F*cking Hiyori... Sorry, I just really don't like her XD I don't really like Touka that much either, but that's because I want Kaneki for myself XDDD
29. Anime(s)? Fairytail tbh XD

30. Most perverted thing someone's said to you? "Imagine my wet tongue slide inside your delicious hole between your legs😇" ....I've heard some pretty perverted things from this guy XD

But then again, this was also pretty bad XD: "•rubs your pussy softly• you forgot to purr~ can neko do master a favor? I want her to groom something between my legs that will give her lots of milk"

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