Capricorn (f) x Taurus (m): Secret

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[published June 8th 2018]


"Capricorn?" Taurus called as he opened the door to his girlfriend's apartment. Call him a protective boyfriend, but the fact that the door was unlocked and he wasn't getting an answer from Capricorn was slightly scaring him.

"Cap?" He called out again as he stepped farther inside, looking around the living room and kitchen. After seeing there was no sign of Capricorn, he headed towards her bedroom, where the door was cracked open.

He opened it just enough to see a sight he had never seen before.

Capricorn was rolled up in several blankets in her bed, sitting up with her laptop in front of her. The curtains were closed and there was multiple empty bags of chips laying around the floor. Through the darkness of her room, Taurus could see Capricorn holding back some noises as a blush covered her cheeks.

She suddenly started squealing and rolling around, falling right off the bed as a human sushi, wrapped up in at least three blankets. Taurus couldn't help but get a little startled, before putting his hand over his mouth as to hold back laughter, but to no avail.

Capricorn sat up instantly at the sound of Taurus finally giving in to the laughter, her cheeks instantly flushing bright red in embarrassment.

"W-what are you doing?!" Taurus asked through laughs, trying to compose himself. Capricorn's eyebrow twitched in annoyance, staying in her human sushi position as she glared at him.

"Don't laugh, this is serious," she gritted her teeth as Taurus finally managed to pull himself together.

"What were you looking at?" Taurus asked. Capricorn stayed silent for a moment. After getting no answer, Taurus walked over to her laptop.

"NO!!" Capricorn screeched, standing up (somehow) and flopping onto her laptop, closing it with her body since her arms were stuck inside the blankets.

"Capricorn..." Taurus warned, glaring down at the sushi girl. She gulped, knowing she couldn't fight him in her sushi form.

Taurus reached for the laptop, only to have Capricorn try to bite his hand. His eyebrows furrowed down at the girl, before grabbing a nearby box of pocky and throwing it across the room, distracting her. She jumped after it, failing to catch it (since she's a sushi) as it spilled out on the floor and Taurus took the laptop away from her. She gulped as she looked back at him, watching him slowly lift up the top.

Taurus was silent for a moment.

"...Is this Victuuri fluff?"

Capricorn's eyes lit up like fireworks on the Fourth of July as she looked up at her boyfriend with a smile that spread across her face. "You know what Victuuri is?!"

"Are you kidding me?" Taurus looked down at her sternly. "I...


Capricorn instantly started screeching. "YURI ON ICE MARATHON??"



I honestly have no idea what I just wrote

This is what happens when I write at 10:30 pm and I'm in love with Victor from YOI XD

Just. Watch. The. Video.

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