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Thank you all for all the questions! Let's just jump right in, shall we? :3

Marien-Moi asks: What are your top 5 favorite Hetalia characters?
Oh gosh, that's a hard one... Well, I love everyone, but I guess my top five would be America, Canada, Britain, Norway and South Italy/Romano (even though I also love Iceland and the BTT)

@VionaEka5 asks: How old are you?
I'm a teenager 🙈 I turned 13 in March.

@VionaEka5 also asks: Does Karma (Assassination Classroom) look hot?
Pfft, no...........maybe........ok fine, yes 😭😍

@Colorful-Me asks: What is the most craziest thing you and your best friend or friend did?
Well, one time I was walking downtown with one of my closest friends while listening to California Girls by Katy Perry. We saw a group of older boys walk our way, and she hurried to turn down the sound of her phone, since the second verse was coming up — where they mention... *cough* frickle frackle *cough* But instead of turning the sound down, she accidentally turned it up, so right as Katy Perry said the "S" word, the boys walked past us and gave us weird looks. I don't know if that qualifies as crazy, but I thought it did 😂

@Colorful-Me asks: What kind of music do you like?
All of it, I guess. I listen mostly to pop (*cough* or nightcore *cough*), and — there's no point in even denying it — I love anime openings XDD

@Colorful-Me also asks: Favorite weird food combo?
I have no idea. O.O Probably peanut butter and Nutella (or, Nugati as we call it over here) on bread, with sliced up bananas on top XD

amb_13 asks: What's your dream?
My dream has always been to become a popstar~! ⭐️ But I also want to become an author and artist (and I'd love to move to Canada). Or if I could get sucked into an anime world!! 😍

amb_13 asks: Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Gosh, I have no idea... I'll eat any flavor 😂 As long as it's not licorice (=゚ω゚)ノ

amb_13 asks: Favorite sign?
Other than Pisces (which would be sorta unfair to choose since that's my sign lol), it would probably have to be either Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio or Aquarius (I can't choose T^T) even though I love all the signs! :3

amb_13 also asks: If you were to change your sign, who would you change it to?
Probably Cancer, since Cancer seems to act the most like Pisces out of all the other signs (and I love my Pisces traits :3). Or Virgo, since most of my role models are Virgos and they're so awesome ;A;

@ThatOneArtsyGirl asks: What is your least favorite zodiac ship?
I know people are gonna flip out in the comments, but... Taurus x Scorpio PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!! T^T

@happy-everafter asks: What kind of music do you listen to, and what's/who's your favorite band/artist?
I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly pop. My favorite artists would probably have to be Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Isac Elliot and possibly Shawn Mendes :3

@wonder2468 asks: Are you going to make more of the truth or dares?
Yep! :3 I haven't been writing much of it lately, but I'm working on the next part ^^

@wonder2468 also asks: If a Scorpio was to ask you out, would you go out?
Probably 😂 Jk, I wouldn't say yes to a complete stranger, but if I knew and liked the Scorpio, then I'd say yes :3

@AOneWayTicketToDeath asks: How did you meet Wattpad?
I was reading Isac Elliot fanfiction on Instagram, and someone was saying how you could find the full story on Wattpad so I got curious and downloaded Wattpad to read more XDD

@RoseCloud3554 asks: What's your favorite color?
Yellow~ 💛

@A_Little_Kitty asks: Favorite ship from any fandom?
Oh gosh, there's so many... It would probably have to be Krista x Ymir from Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin or Minene and Masumi from Mirai Nikki/Future Diary :3

@Ratteler asks: Favorite movie?
Hmm... Does Hetalia: Paint It White count? XD

@Ratteler also asks: Favorite video game?
Probably Sims 3 and 4 :3

LUZY_is_awesome asks: Do you play Minecraft?
Yeah, but I played it way more before (=゚ω゚)ノ

@LeaderShadowray asks: Do you have another favorite Zodiac Sign? And how did you get into the astrology (the Zodiacs)?
My favorites are torn between Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces (heh, big shocker there) :3 I was bored and scrolling through Instagram one day and started reading about astrology, but didn't really get into it until I started reading zodiac books on Wattpad :3

@Anubis260 asks: What drives you to keep writing? To pull yourself out of bed and keep you writing?
You guys~ ^w^ Your support inspires me to keep writing :3 If it wasn't for you guys, I probably would've given up writing a long time ago ^^

amb_13 asks: Who ur bun bun huh?! *sassy voice* (lelz)

amb_13 asks: Who ur bun bun huh?! *sassy voice* (lelz)

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Enough said *^* 😂

@Anonymous6492 asks: What's your favorite band?
I'm not really a big fan of any bands, but I like Fall Out Boy :3

@Anonymous6492 also asks: Who's your celebrity crush?
........................does Levi count? XDD Ok fine, Levi doesn't count, but I don't necessarily like any celebrities like that :3 I used to like Isac Elliot and Shawn Mendes though XD

@RadioR3b3l asks: Do you watch doctor who? Miraculous ladybug? Anime?
I haven't seen Doctor Who, I've only seen a few episodes of Miraculous Ladybug, but I LOVE ANIME!! ^w^

@soso_eats_food asks: Zodiac OTP?
Ehehe......I think all of you already know...... Pisces x Scorpio, in case you didn't know XD For some reason, I ship it even more when they're both girls XDD But I also really ship Cancer x Taurus and Leo x Libra :3

@Sherisa2489 asks: How old are you?
13 :P

@Sherisa2489 asks: How would you describe yourself?
Is "Pisces" a good enough answer? No? Ok T_T Well...I'm small and seems innocent even though I'm not, I'm pretty artistic, and I'm really sensitive :3

@Sherisa2489 asks: What is your goal in life?
Watch as much anime as possible!! And to become an artist, author, singer, and move to Canada XD

@Sherisa2489 asks: What is your favorite color?
Yellow~ 💛

@Sherisa2489 also asks: What is your favorite movie and favorite actor/actress?
My favorite movie is Hetalia: Paint It White, but I'm not exactly sure who my favorite actor/actress is 🤔

I didn't think I was gonna get so many questions XDD

Anyway, if I forgot any of your questions, I'm so sorry T^T And if any of you have any other questions, feel free to ask! I'll just answer in the comments/private messages/message board instead of making another Q & A :3

Until next time~!

- Kate ⭐️

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