Yandere! Aries (f) x Pisces (m): Crazy in Love [songfic]

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[June 12th 2017]


This is a songfic to Crazy in Love, here's the song in case you wanna listen to it :3

Warning: some gory parts up ahead ;3


I look and stare,
so deep in your eyes
I touch on you,
more and more every time

Aries blushed as Pisces stared into her eyes, before he looked back at the sketchbook in his lap and added a few lines. Everything about him was perfect according to her; the way his brown locks fell in front of his soft face as he drew, the way his delicate, small hands moved across the paper, his navy blue eyes that always seemed to make Aries blush when he looked at her.

Pisces looked up at her again, studying her features before looking back down at his sketchbook, adding more lines with his pencil. Aries kept staring at him; something about him was just so mesmerizing.

When you leave,
I'm begging you not to go
Call your name,
two, three times in a row

The bell rang, causing everyone to pack up their sketchbooks and art supplies. Pisces locked eyes with Aries, sending her an excited smile. Aries blushed; he was just like a child. He turned around his sketchbook, showing Aries the sketch he had done of her.

Aries was left in complete awe, it looked just like her! Her jaw dropped to the floor, a light shade of pink dusting her cheeks as she stared at her portrait.

"D-do you like it?" Pisces asked, excitedly waiting for an answer.

"I love it!" Aries giggles, still in awe. Pisces blushed, biting his lip and averting his gaze shyly.

"T-thanks," he muttered, causing Aries' heart to beat faster; he was just too cute! He perked up excitedly, his shyness from before gone and replaced with child-like happiness. "You can have it if you want!"

He ripped out the drawing carefully, handing it to the blushing Aries.

"Really...?" She asked, looking up at him in shock, who nodded happily in response. "Thanks..." She muttered shyly, grabbing a hold of the drawing.

"Yo, Pisces!"

Aries and Pisces turned to see Cancer and Scorpio, who pulled Pisces away before she even got to say goodbye.

Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame

Aries watched longingly as Pisces left with his friends, leaving behind a lonely and crazily obsessed Aries.

Before she knew it, her feet had led her out of the classroom and towards the courtyard, where Pisces was standing around with Cancer and Scorpio. She sat down by a nearby bench, discreetly keeping an eye on the small boy. Cancer and Scorpio were goofing around like usual, while Pisces stood by laughing at them.

Aries clenched her fists in anger; if Pisces' friends hadn't interfered, he would still be with Aries in the art room, falling in love with each other.

'Cause I know I don't understand,
just how your love can do what no one else can...

She couldn't let his friends take him from her, she knew she had to do something.

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