Truth Or Dare? #15

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Me: "@Aqua_nae_nae12 dares Aries to say three nice things to Aquarius, then kiss him/her."

Aries: *sighs* "Aquarius, your pretty/handsome, your not my least favorite sign, and your the least annoying sign."

Aquarius: *smiles* "Aw!"

Aries: *kisses Aquarius* *pulls away quickly* *looks away, blushing*

Aquarius: *blushes*

Me: "Anyway, @Aqua_nae_nae12 dares Leo and Libra to kiss."

Leo: *eyes widens*

Libra: *smiles* *kisses Leo*

Leo: *sighs mentally* *kisses back*

*end of kiss*

Me: "@I_AM_DAUNTLESS dares Scorpio to let Aquarius dye his/her hair. If not, Aquarius has to do Scorpio's makeup."

Scorpio: *jaw drops*

Aquarius: *smiles widely* "I'm gonna have so much fun with this!"

-- 15 minutes later --

Aquarius: "Ta-da!"

Scorpio: *has pink hair* *scowls*

Pisces: *giggles* "I like it!" *hugs Scorpio*

Scorpio: *hugs back* *sticks tongue out at Aquarius*

Aquarius: *rolls eyes*

Me: "HMDgamer06 asks me if I have a sister, and what her name is. Haha, my sisters name is Hannah and her username is HMDgamer06 . Anyway, @aDragonsEye dares Sagittarius to go base jumping."

Sagittarius: "The fu*k is that?"

Me: "Pfft. Beats me."

Sagittarius: ".... Should we just skip that dare?"

Scorpio: "HELL NO! I didn't get my hair dyed for nothing!"

Me: "Scorpio's right. Sagittarius, you have to go base jumping."

Sagittarius: "But I don't even know what that is!"

Aries: "Then jump off a cliff!"

Everyone: *looks at Aries*

Aries: "I did it. It's not that hard."

Sagittarius: *groans* "Fine!"

-- 10 minutes later --

Sagittarius: *shivers*

Me: "Ok, @mikruska dares Capricorn and Scorpio to kiss."

Pisces: *looks down sadly*

Cancer: *rubs Pisces' back* "It's only a little kiss!" *smiles reassuringly*

Pisces: *nods sadly*

Scorpio: *kisses Capricorn quickly*

Gemini: "Nu-uh! That's not good enough!"

Scorpio: *death glares at Gemini*

Gemini: *laughs nervously* "Hehe, it's fine..."

Me: "@carelesshood dares Gemini and Aries to admit how they really feel about each other."

Gemini: *blushes* "U-um... Do we have to...?"

Everyone else other than Aries: *nods*

Gemini: "Fine, but Aries has to start."

Aries: "Wha--why me?" *sighs* "Fine... Gemini, I don't think your the worst person in the world..."

Gemini: "I don't think you are, either..."

Cancer: "Aww!"

Me: "Anyway, that's all for now. Remember to comment or PM me questions or dares for the signs. Bye!"

All the signs: "Bye!"

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