character namesssss(:

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ok, im srry guys, but this is not a chapter n my story!!! so sad, i no. lol, jk. but i need sum names, cuz i wanna add a character. it will b a girl, and yeah. if u get this joke rite, then i will get ur name, er, a name u like n think i shudd use, n i will use it as a name. there will b 2 new girls, there twins, n yeah. so heres the joke

Joke#1: what has 6 wheels and flys?

Joke#2: What has a bed but never sleeps, what has head but never weeps, what can run but never walks, what has a mouth but never talks?

directions: rite ur answer (u can only answer 1, if u want, u can answer both) n the comment thing, n then put a name u like, or ur name. if u get it rite, wen i introduce the new characters ill say thatnks s ________ the twins names r___ and ___ lol. got it? get it? good.

P.S. i dont remember that last joke very well, but its watever. P.S.S the answer is not a tree for #2. lol.

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