emo prep arranged marrage 13

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Chapter 13

As soon as I said that, Janice walked into the room.

I hooked my bra, and sat up. " Janice. This is not what it looks like." I said in a calm voice. Janice looked like she

was going to pounce.

And. She did. She looked like a freakin' cat, jumping on me, knocking me off onto the floor.

Did I mention that she had freakin anger issues? obviously not...

She got on top of me and punched me. I pulled her hair, got on top of her, and punched her four times before

Dayton pulled me off of her. She was crying.

" Dayton... How could you? How long have you been doing this?" She asked, trying to hide her quiet sobs.

" NEVER! She just came over her and freakin' started maaking out with me. The she took off her shirt, I already

had mine off cuz I was about to go to bed, but then she undid her bra, and I was so shocked I didn't know what to do! I

never expected that to come from her!" Dayton said that all in a blur. My jaw popped open, and I stared at Dayton.

" How could you, Emilee?!" Janice yelled at me. " I trusted you! I trusted you..." She started to cry more. " Day,

can you get her out of here?" My jaw opened even more. How dare she freakin' use the nickname I gave him?! How dare she!

" Yeah..." Dayton walked me into the living room. I shook my head at him in disgust.

" Look..." He looked down at me. " I'm sor-" I interupted him, for I didn't want to hear anymore from him. At all. Ever.

" F*uck you, Dayton." I said, and slammed the door in his face.

I walked home, and it felt like I left a trail of tears on my way home. I got alott of texts. From Janice. From Trayton.

From mom.

Mom... Then I remembered what day it was, for the second time today.

I went to the nearest bar, and sat at a table. I rubbed my fourhead. " Ma'am?" I looked up. A man with a goatee

and peircings looked down at me. " Ma'am? Are you okay? Do you wat anything?"

" I looked at him. " I'm fine, but, one little thing I need. Could you get it for me?" He sat down on the bench in front

of me. He nodded.

" Yeah, sure, anything you need."

" A beer." I looked down, then back up again. " The strongest thing you can find."

There was shock on his face. " Um... bad day?" I nodded.

" Wanna tell me about it?" He asked, pleadingly.

" Today is the day my brother died. Exxcept he didn't die today. It was a couple years ago..." A tear came into

my eye. There was shock on his face, then understanding.

" Got a fake ID? Cuz I know you ain't over 18." I shook my head no. He sighed. Lets go into the back room..."

And I went with him, and had no idea where I was going. The back room, of course, the back of my mind told me.

Well, duh. I told my mind. I'm not stupid.

Well, obviously you are, cuz he even said, lets go into the back room, dummie.

I shook my head. I was having a fight with my mind. No, I'm not stupid. I was just wondering WHERE in the back room!

" Huh?" The bartender asked. Did I say that outloud? Oops....

I covered my mouth with three fingers. " Nothing. Just having a fight with my mind... haha." I felt so embarrsed.

I could feel the red coming to my cheeks.

" Uh... So... What's your name?" I asked him.

" Carlosis. Weird name, I know. My parents were weird people. They named my sister Neptune, and my brother Uranis.

They were scientists. they named my brother and sister after planets, but they just HAD to name me Carlosis." He rolled his eyes.

" Yeah, but just call me Carlo. Kay? So, what's your name?"

" Emilee. Emilee Morgenstern." I said, and he opened the curtain to the "backroom." He stopped, though.

" Are you Genia Morgenstern's daughter?" He asked causiously(?).

Oops.... Busted! My mind told me. " No..... Who?" Then he muttered something that sounded like 'sure looks like him...'

" Wait... Didn you just call my mom a him?" O sh*t! I called my mom my mom. " As, in ya know, "my mom?"" I askled,

begging for him to belive me.

" Oh, no. I was talking about her husb... Never mind." He looked around nervously. " How bout the hard stuff, huh?" I

stared at him, disgusted.

" Nasty..." He gave me a weird look. " OH! You ment like, hard liquor, like- Oh. Yeah, ok. Ha..." God I have a sick mind.

" Just like Ji..." He suddenly stopped, as if he spilled the beans. " No, no. I'm sorry. I must be f*cked up today or

something. Excuse my language."

" It's fine. I NEED to get f*cked up today. Wanna help me?" I asked. He smiled evily.

" Oh, yeah."

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