emo prep arranged marrage chapter 21

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srry it isn't that long, n srry i havnt posted n a long time! but mozilla firefox (my internet system)stopped working, so i had 2 use stupid enternet explorer. -_- but yeah, n if u hate dayton after this, its all good with him! hes cool. go after trayton, because he is an ass. b ut, really, they both r. but watever, ill let u read now(: hope u like.


Chapter 21

In Emilee's P.O.V.

I looked up at Skye and felt my jaw drop. "What?!"

"Um....." I demanded for her to tell me. " Okay, while you were still in the coma, I met Trayton, and I really liked

him. And we were at his house, and we started to make out, and it got deeper, and we were going to, I think. But I stopped

him, because he was still in love with you." She looked down, almost as if she were ashamed.

"Oh..." I said. Then I realised something. "He is so totally NOT in love with me!" I shook the thought away from

my mind. I shook my head and squeezed my eyes shut.

"Oh, he so totally IS!" She laughed.

Then the door opened, while Skye was in mid-laugh.

"Dayton." I said.

He looked away from me. "Where's your mom?" He asked me, avoiding my eyes.

"I- I dunno. Not my day to keep track of her." He nodded, and turned to leave. "Dayton! Come here!" He looked

startled. He just stood there, so I sat up from the bed and walked over to him.

"Fuck." He swore when I hugged him. But I didn't care what he said, I would not let go. Then, soon enough, his

arms crept aroud my back, and he hugged me. I smiled into his shoulder.

But Skye just HAD to ruin the moment. "I'll leave you two alone." She smiled, and left.

"Dayton, I missed you so much! I don't care that you blamed me for kissing you, I don't care! It's just I need you."

Then I realised you perverted that sounded. I was about to say 'In my life' when Dayton cut me off, and kissed me.

"I need you, too." He got on the bed next to me and kissed me, again. I immediantly stopped, not that I wanted

to, but I remembered something.

"Janice." I said firmly. "Janice is your girlfriend." He was about to kiss me again, but I turned my head, making

him kiss my cheek.

"Oh... I broke up with her." I felt my jaw drop as Dayton said this. "I want you so bad Emilee!" His hand snaked

around my back and untied the string that held the hospital gown on. He pulled it down, all the way to my stomache. Good

thing I had my bra on...

"Dayton." I shoved his hands to his chest and pulled the poor excuse of a gown up. "I am not ready!" I shook

my head and turned away from him.

Dayton roughly grabbed me, turned me over, and put an angry expression on his face. "You would give up your

virginity to that man whore, Trayton, but you won't give it up to me?"

"How the hell do you know that I'm a virgin?" I said.

Dayton looked at me for a second, wonder on his face. "Well, you are aren't you?"

"No. I'm not." I shrugged. "I did it once, then he wanted me again, but I didn't want to, so he raped me. Happy

now?" I turned away from him again, and this time he didn't pull me back.

"I'm so sorry." He said, whispering it into my ear. He moved my hair off of my face, and kissed my cheek. "Who was it?"

I sighed, hoping he wouldn't go there. "Tyler... The guy I liked in 6th grade..."

"Oh..." Not what I expected... I had hoped he would say something like, I'll kill him. But instead he said: "I've got to go

see Janice."

I sat up after he left, and cried tears of madness. Dayton told me he broke up with Janice just to get into my pants.

Great, just like every other guy I know.

Dayton was a dick sometimes, but I loved him as a friend, and a boyfriend. I sighed and shook my head.

He really had a way of ruining the moments...


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