emo prep arranged marrage 14

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Chapter 14

In Trayton P.O.V.

I stayed up all night. I waited for her, and waited for her. What if she had like, run away with Dayton or something?

No, she wouldn't just leave ike that. I told myself. All her clothes are here. And her stuff.

I kept texting her, and once I called her. All I got was 'Hey, whoevers calling me, its either I'm not with my

phone, which is a very big boubt, or I don't wanna f*cking talk to you, which is most likely the answer. So, leave a freakin'

message, and I'll get back to you if I want to.'

I called her again. " Helloooooo? Mah..." A voice said. My heeart jolted.

" Emilee?! Oh my Go-" Then I remembered what the voice sounded like. " Hello?"

" Whoooo Arrrreeee Yoooooooouuuuu?" The MAN was obviously trying to sound like the caterpillar off of Alice

in Wonderland.

" Trayton. Is Emilee there?" My voice broke.

" Yeeeeaaaa." grunt "But." grunt "She can't," grunt "Taaaallllk. Shez." grunt "Bizzzzy." then no one was there,

and the man had hung up.

I ran out of the house, got into my car, and drove. I looked everywhere. In ditches, on the side of streets, everywhere.

I gave up hope, and drove home. But, on the way there, I saw a man standing over a limp body.

" Hey!" I scrame, putting the car into park, and praacticly running out the door, though I was sitting. I ran over

to the man, but before I could reach him, he ran off into the woods.

I looked at the limp body, after shooting bullets at the man with my f*ckin eyes. I moved the hair out of her face.

It was Emilee.

She had a black eye, bloody lip, and huge bags under her eyes. I put her in the car, and drove. But, I freakin'

forgot where her house was.

How did I forget that?! I had known about this girl since I was twelve! (my parents told me, I am not a stalker!)

So, I drove to a hotel. Probly had cockroaches and stuff. I rolled my eyes, whatever.

I layed down in the bed with her, and closed my eyes. I drifted into a soft, dreamy state.

Untill I heard choking. My eyes flew open, and I saw that Emilee, was puking up blood.

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