Bad Boys With Wings by Jojo_B
Bad Boys With Wingsby Jojo B
**Watty Awards Winner 2016** Four bad boys, something definitely different about them. Not only have they started creating a lot of trouble in the area since their arriv...
  • adhd
  • disaster
  • heaven
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I got kidnapped by my gang leader  by lillycooper1999
I got kidnapped by my gang leader by lillycooper1999
"I beg you,just let me go and I won't tell anyone "I said while crying like a child. "Im sorry baby girl,you're gonna stay weather you like it or not"...
  • love
  • daddy
  • stephanjames
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The Girl in the Hoodie by SarcasticallyWitty
The Girl in the Hoodieby Leata
A girl moved to California two years ago. No one knows what she looks like. All they know is that she wears a hoodie. *~*~*~* "HOLY SHIT, NOAH! WHY THE FUCK WOULD Y...
  • megan
  • dylan
  • noah
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Nephilim (Book One in Angels, Gods & Demons series) by AllyLaly
Nephilim (Book One in Angels, Gods...by JulieSummer
Highest ranking: #1 in Paranormal First book in Angels, Gods & Demons series ** All my life, I've been thinking about the same t...
  • azrael
  • raphael
  • death
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Lucifer's Queen by sad-sim
Lucifer's Queenby Sad-Sim
In her family she was always the strange one. Never was Elizabeth a normal child she wasn't allowed to play with others children and her parents made sure of that. They...
  • cerberus
  • heaven
  • purgatory
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Alexander The Fallen [Book 1] ✔ by touti2468
Alexander The Fallen [Book 1] ✔by ❄This_Chick❄
"I will break you like a stick", he said while running his fingers down my arm. "Suffocate you till you can no longer breath", his fingers went to c...
  • thriller
  • jacobelordi
  • fantasy
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God's an Adventurer by PrinnyHDood
God's an Adventurerby PrinnyHDood
Kami has created everything known to mankind and more for millions of years and he's grown tired of constantly keeping check on it all. The only thing that had kept him...
  • angels
  • rpg
  • god
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Killian (A Fallen Angel Book) by Meganfall
Killian (A Fallen Angel Book)by Meganfall
**HIGHEST RANKING #3 ~ 1/6/18** Killian is an angel of death. His assignment is to amass souls and take them to heaven. He isn't allowed to let the humans see him, and h...
  • hero
  • love
  • fallen
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Dark Paradise | supernatural ✓ by bohemianangel
Dark Paradise | supernatural ✓by ashyslashy
[SUPERNATURAL re-write S1-S5] |First book in the 'Dark Paradise' series.| Juniper Evelyn Young would never have guessed that a car crash would be the best thing to hap...
  • heaven
  • castiel
  • johnwinchester
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Supernatural Memes by inmalusance
Supernatural Memesby take chances
(Completed with 134 chapters) Daily memes and text posts, 5 per chapter? I know that this is super original but I really wanted to do one of these and I have a bunch of...
  • cas
  • funny
  • carryonmywaywardson
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Reapers - Master of Souls (Reapers Chronicles Book III) by Tsubame
Reapers - Master of Souls (Reapers...by Shim Simplina
What's dead should stay dead. When you mess with the natural order, things could go horribly wrong. Having a six-hundred year old rotting soul, for example. Or discoveri...
  • ghost
  • love
  • angel
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Saved By The Devil - BOOK 1 ✔ (Unedited) by EmotionalPerson01
Saved By The Devil - BOOK 1 ✔ (Une...by Emotional Person
#2 in Emotional on August 13, 2018 #18 in Paranormal on August 6, 2017 Book 1 - Saved By The Devil Book 2 - Return Of The Devil Book 3 - Crowned By The Devil ~~~~~Comp...
  • fear
  • death
  • fantasy
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Stupid Little Blue Haired Boy (boyxboy) by sempiiternal
Stupid Little Blue Haired Boy (boy...by kirby s. graff
Damian Owens refuses to take his medication. He consistently ditches therapy sessions, and won't speak a word to the living. Timothy Edward Richard McKinnon is your ty...
  • heaven
  • timmywhatthefuckareyoudoingondrugs
  • depression
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Faith Heights by KiandraMoir
Faith Heightsby KiandraMoir
"He was a fallen angel, before being reclaimed and chosen as one of God's earthly warriors. There are very few left on this plane of existence- and he hasn't been s...
  • supernatural
  • fantasy
  • humour
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Devil's Angel by Xenia_Soul
Devil's Angelby Xenia Soul
He wanted her to be safe, never stepping into the likeness of Hell, that is one of the things he worried about. He made sure that she would go to Heaven but God, Itself...
  • death
  • dark
  • abuse
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Defying Gravity by NicAthena
Defying Gravityby a t h e n a
"I am a devil. A demon. I do not love. I destroy. And if you don't leave now, I will destroy you for I cannot love an angel." "I am an archangel. An angel...
  • hell
  • forbidden
  • angel
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Mr. Devil (RE-WRITING) by xCookie17
Mr. Devil (RE-WRITING)by Emmalina
-{Published Interactive Story on Chapters! }- <3 {#6 in Romance --- 22/02/17} Romance / Fantasy ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ "You look happy." he smiles, his dark eyes darting...
  • gods
  • love
  • evil
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Deadly Sins by erotic_orchard
Deadly Sinsby natalie
Lucia breathed heavily, her chest heaving as Chaos walked his fingers along her bare torso, causing the hair on her arms and the back of her neck to rise in anticipation...
  • story
  • evil
  • heaven
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VIRGIN MARY ; DEAN WINCHESTER by -mishan-accomplished
tragedy looked beautiful on her. {{UNDER EDITING}}
  • ốc
  • heaven
  • demons
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The Lucifer's Bride (Season - 1) by AnnaLynn93
The Lucifer's Bride (Season - 1)by Anna
pssst... Hay you wanna know about a love that can even change the devil?
  • demons
  • spiritual
  • fantasy
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