emo prep arranged marrage 17

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Chapter 17

" So...." I asked her at my house. We were sitting on my bed. " What do you want to do?"

" I dunno."

" Oh..." I looked at her, then turned my head back. I looked at her again, and she was looking at me.

I moved my head closer, and tilted my head.

Suddenly, we were kissing, and I was on top of her.

She moaned, and said, " When are your parents getting home?"

" I don't live with my parents." I answered her, and went back to kissing her.

" Are you a virgin?" She asked.

" No.... are you?" As soon as I said 'no' Skye sat up, and pushed me off of her. " HEY!" I yelled,

shocked. " What was that for?!"

" I'm a virgin, and you aren't, so I'm not having sex with you. Until, you get over Emilee." She said,

and crossed her arms over her chest.

" Wait, wait, wait, wait. That's two different reasons. Which one do you realy mean?" I wasn't even

in love with Emilee! " And, how can I get over her, if there's nothing to get over? I'm not in love with her, Skye."

" That might be possible, but I can tell that you're falling out of love with her. Just make it happen

all the way, and then, we can be together. Okay?" I nodded, and kissed her fourhead.

" Okay."

" Buuuuttt... I never said you couldn't make out with me." She smiled evily. " C'mon, Babe." And

I kissed her again. And, as soon as I did, the phone rang.

I groaned, but kept on kissing her. I moaned.

" Aren't you going to answer that?" She asked, while my mouth moved to her neck.

" Nope..."

" Go awser it, now." She smiled, and kicked me off the bed. I landed with a loud, 'thump', and crawled

over to the phone.

" Hello?" I mumbled into the phone.

" Hey, boy. What are you up to?" Ugh, it was my mom.

" Um, I'm in the middle of a video game, can I call you back?" I lied, hoping she would believe me.

" Oh... Um, ok. But-" And I hung up. I crawled back to the bed, and pulled Skye off of it. I kissed

the tip of her nose, and smiled. My tounge licked her lip, and she opened her mouth. My tounge went in, and

touched hers. It felt amazing.

I took off my shirt, and as soon as I did, guess what happened?

" RING, RING, RING!" I sat up immediantly, and, once again, crawled over to the f*ckin' gay *ss phone.

I picked it up.


was shocked by the silence.

" Trayton Doss, right sir?" My eyes went wide.

" Um, yes. May I ask who this is?" I asked, totally embarrased.

" This is St. Mary's Hospital. You were on the contact list to call if anything happened to Emilee

Morganstern, corect?" The nurse said, sounding bored as Hell.

" Uh, yeah. Yes, I was." I sounded so stupid, I bet.

" Well, Emilee Morganstern has awoken, and she said she wants to see you. Like, very badly."

" Wait. Me? She want's to see me?" WHAT?! Did she like, not remember what happened that

night, when I accidently hurt her feeling when I said I wasnted to f*ck her? How could she not?! Unless

she had short term memory loss. Er, Long term memory loss, whichever it was. But, if she had the 1

where you couldn't remember what you did before the 'accident' then how could she remember me?

" Yes, sir, she wants you."

" Does she have like, long term memory loss or somethin'?"

"NO! Get up here, now, 'cause she wants to see you." Then the nurse hung up.

I sat there, listening to the silence. Emilee was alive. She was just fine. She woke up. I smiled,

and sat up, hung up the phone, and went to the door. " Come back to bed, Silly." A voice said behind me,

and I nearly jumped ten feet in the Goddamn air.

I turned and saw Skye, and wished it was Emilee.

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