emo prep arranged marrage 25

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IMPORTANT READ! Ok. Go get a hand held mirror! Now! Do you have it? ok. i left that big blank spot 4 a reason, ya no! And hold the mirror in front of your face and scroll down.



Now, read below, but make sure to look in the mirror as you read.


Chapter 25

In Dayton's P.O.V.

I woke up. It felt like I had been drunk/high for three nights. That's weird as hell. I sat up, making sure

that I wouldn't fall back asleep and walked over to the door. I grabbed the door handle, and my hand slipped through it.

What the hell?!

I reached for it again, and again, it didn't work. My hand just went right through the door knob. Maybe

I'm not all of the way sober yet...

I closed my eyes, and opened the door, and went through it. Once I was out of my "room" I looked at the

door, which was closed. Did I close that...? Am I crazy, drunk, or blazed?

I'm going to go with high, but I don't remember getting high last night... Wait a minute... I don't remember

doing anythig last night! Someone must have drugged me or something!

What did they do to me? Did they rape me? If so, what if they had STDs? Oh, God!

I walked into the kitchen. Would water help me come down from the buzz? Maybe. But, I'm kind of

enjoying this. I smiled to myself.

I went into the living room, to watch T.V. for a couple of minutes, and heard people talking in my mom's room.

Who was it? Some people to take her to the loony bin? To jail?

Dude! my mind yelled. Why are you thinking that way? You must serously be blazed!

I shook the thought out of my head, and walked to moms room. Her door was open, so I just slipped through,

not having to worry about to being able to grab the door handle.

I looked around in the room, and saw mom sitting on the bed, not high or drunk, just crying, and a girl sitting

on a chair next to the bed. I walked over to the bed, and sat down by mom. hey didn't even notice me. They just kept

talking, like I wasn't even there. I looked over to the girl, and saw Emilee, with tears coming out of her eyes, and her

eyeliner smeared. What was up with them?!

"Hey, Emilee! What's up? Why are you crying?!" I touched her shoulder, but my hand went through it. Oh,

right. I thought. The buzz.

Nobody answered. "Hello? Anybody home?" No answer, but they were still talking, still crying. "Talk to me!"

I screamed. What the hell is up with them?! Why weren't they answering me?

Then I knew the answer. "Ok. Ok, you can stop with the games! I know I screwed up my life, but that doesn't

mean you can't talk to me! Please, please talk to me! Mom? Emilee?" God, they were good at not talking to me, but

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