emo prep arranged marrage 7

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Chapter 7

in trayon's P.O.V.

I moved the curtain out of the way of the window, and looked down at Emilee, who was outside talking

to a man. He shook his head and walked away from her. Hmm... Who the hell was he? How can he come

up to my house and- Oh, wait.

This isn't my house, god d*mn it. I closed the curtain and went into Emilee's bathroom to take a shower.

I hope made her pi*sed. I threw my head bath and laughed.

In the bathroom, there was a hot tub, a shower and a mirrior that you could see your whole body with.

Plus, there was a toilet and a sink, too. I took off my shirt and turned and I just happened to be looking at myself

right in the mirrior.

" God, I'm sexy!" I winked at myself.

Then I got into the shower.

Ten minutes later, I came out of the bathroom, and saw Emilee, sitting on the bed. "Where were you all

day?" I asked. She had tears in her eyes.

" Get out." She told me. And I did, because I didn't want her to get upset and have an emo fit.

After I closed the door, I realized that I only had a towel on. And I didn't remember Taking my clothes inside.

Since my peice of sh*t Dad gave me a ride over here, My suitcases were probly in his car. Oh, that's freakin'

perfect! Looking around, I saw that Emilee's mom wasn't around. Good. I didn't want her to see my nads. Or did I?

Oh, God, I was sick.

But hey, I was just kidding, anyways, so you didn't have to make it sound like I wanted her. Eww... I told

my mind. I didn't even want her daughter. Or do I? HA! NOPE! I laughed out loud.

" Whats so funny?" I turned and saw Emilee's mom staring at me.

" Uh, I thought of a joke that my friend, Jason told me. Wanna hear it?" Oh crap! Why did I ask if she

wanted to hear it or not? There was no freakin' joke!

God, sometimes I wonder if I'm just stupid or I don't think before I say things.

" Sure." She said. She was still wearing that ugly yellow dress from yesterday that made her look fat as hell!

I thought of a funny but quick joke. " Uh, Why did the dead baby cross the road?" I asked her, with laughter in

y voice. She expression immediantly went rigid.

" Why?" Her voice cracked.

" Hey, are you okay?" I asked, shocked because it sounded like she was going to cry.

" Oh, yes," She coughed, clearing her voice. " Of course. Why?" Her voice still cracked a little.

" Because it was stapled to the chicken." I said, very slowly for I didn't know wether to tell her the end of the joke

r not. Hm.....

" Oh." She said and walked out of the room.

What the hell was her problem?! " Psh..." I tasked and went into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, I noticed that

They had like, 5 gallons of milk. Um... Okaaaaaaaaay then..... I grabed a little bucket of ice cream and got a spoon. I

sat down in the living room, as If it were mine. I looked up at their media center and saw about five pictures. Two of the

pictures were babies, one of them was a picture of Emilee, another one was of a cute little boy with light brown hair who was

opening a present, and the last one was of Emilee's mom and a man with a long beard.

" Hey!" I yelled, and Emilee's mom came out of her room right away.

" Yes, Trayton?" She asked, and I saw that her mascara was smeared.

" Um.. Who are these people?" I asked waving my hand towards the pictures.

" Oh. This was Emilee when she was a baby." She pointed to one of the babies. She skipped the other one.

" This was Emilee on her third grade school picture." She skipped the one of the little boy with the present. " And that

was me and my husband." She smiled.

" Yeah, I figured that much. But who is the little boy and that baby?" I asked, wondering.

" Oh... That was my son."

" Did they, like run away together?" I asked.

" You could say that..." Then she walked out of the room. Hm..... weird.


y do ya guys think that emilees mom started crying when trayton told that joke? u wont no untill the next chapter or maybe chapter 9. idk. i havnt rote that far yet, but ill upload soon!

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